The services offered at our Vision Therapy Clinic

Vision Therapy

Our team treats a variety of concerns through vision therapy. Our testing methods include Visual Motor Testing, Visual Perceptual Evaluation, Laterality and Directionality Testing, and more

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Concussion Treatment

Concussions can cause vision issues such as light sensitivity, headaches dizziness, balance issues, and fluctuating vision. Our clinic specializes in the treatment of vision issues following a concussion.

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Vision Related Learning Issues Treatment

We can treat a variety of learning related vision issues and help improve things like eye tracking, eye teaming, and eye focusing.

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Non-Surgical Strabismus (Eye Turn) Treatment

The underlying cause of eye turns can be complex and involve deficiencies in multiple visual skills which make it challenging for a patient to use both eyes together. Treatments can strengthen these skills improving the appearance and functioning of the visual system.

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Treatment of Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Amblyopia involves difficulty processing the visual information from both eyes. The weaker eye can be taught to process information to the same level of the better seeing eye, resulting in improved vision.

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Visual Processing Disorders

Our eyes gather visual information so that our brain can process this information. Difficulties processing information can result in academic issues such as poor reading, spelling issues, letter reversals, and messy writing.

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