Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Getting Visual Problems Treated

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Visual Problems & Vision Therapy

In the past, when children had a hard time reading and focusing, they simply got a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And nowadays, optometrists and vision therapists are learning. That there are many different things that could be wrong with the child’s visual system.

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And whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or a solution to fix their convergence insufficiency. Or maybe they have fun accommodative issue, or an eye tracking issue.

The first step is getting the right diagnosis for their children. The best way to get the right diagnosis. Is simply to contact vision by design. Because not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic.

But they also have vision therapists on staff. So that if they find something during a routine eye exam. Or the parent mentions some troubling symptoms at the routine eye exam.

They will be able to call in the vision therapist immediately. And referred them the patient quickly. To ensure that the patient can get the right doctor look at them. And diagnose their vision problem.

And once they have a vision problem diagnosis. They will be able to figure out the right treatment. Whether the child needs lazy eye treatment in Edmonton, or something else. Will be up to the child, the vision therapist and the parents.

However, when large problem with visual system problems are occurring in their child. Parents may not realize that they have anything wrong with them visually. Because their child is saying they have a hard time seeing.

This is for many different reasons. Including children may not realize that anything is wrong. Because the way they see things has been there reality for their entire life.


Therefore, they do not realize that it is not normal to see double when you focus on things close up. Or that it is not usual to lose focus and see blurry text after a few moments of reading.

As well, they may not mention that something is wrong. Or something hurts, or that it is blurry to read text. Because they do not realize that anything is wrong. So instead, their behaviour will tell the story for them.

And if parents are noticing that their child is avoiding doing homework, they read exceptionally slowly. Or they avoid reading all together. Or if teachers are noticing that the child avoids near work.

Rather than think that they are lazy, or not paying attention. And that they do not have ADD or ADHD. The problem may very well be with their visual system that has a problem.

Once they get the visual system treated. They will be able to see clearly, and excel in school. Particularly reading and learning. Because they are not being held back by the visual system problem they had been dealing with.

Therefore, if parents are noticing that there child avoids homework. Or the teacher says that they are not paying attention in class. They should bring them into vision by design for a routine eye exam. Where they might get diagnosed with a visual system problem.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Getting Visual Problems Treated

When children have a problem focusing, they may not need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Instead, they may actually require a different kind of treatment. That is best to be figured out with the child’s vision therapist, and the parent.

While lazy eye refers to one I that is not focusing well. There are many different ways that a child’s visual system could be affected. Including convergence insufficiency.

This is actually the most common visual deficiency in children. And is often referred to as been ocular vision. And what this refers to, is not being able to turn their eyes to focus close up.

When people are looking at faraway object straight ahead, her eyes are relaxed, and not pointed in any direction. But when they look close up, their eyes have to turn in towards each other. And then hold focus.

When they have convergence insufficiency. That refers to the inability to move their eyes in the direction. Will allow them to focus on things close up.

Therefore, when they have convergence insufficiency. They may only be able to focus for very short periods of time. And therefore when they start to read, the words will be clear for a few seconds. And then the entire page will be blurry.

This is very irritating for the eye to see. And children who have this problem may simply avoid reading. Because it causes them significant irritation. Therefore, this acquires a different treatment other than a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.


Another problem that children might have is called an accommodative issue. And this is where they get extreme muscle fatigue. When they use their eye muscles to focus close up.

Unlike a lazy eye, where one I will not focus. Both eyes can focus. But that it becomes physically painful to continue to do so for any length of time. Children with this may want to stop reading quickly.

Or they will end up with reduced comprehension. Because they are unable to focus for any length of time. And when they refocus, they have lost their place. And do not know where they need to start reading again.

Another problem that could require a treatment, is if they have an ally tracking issue. And this is the ability to move from one word to the next smoothly, which is needed to read a sentence.

And unlike a lazy eye, that will not focus. They have the ability to focus on each word. But once they move their eyes in order to read the next word. They lose that focus, it can cause a lot of problems.

Therefore, there may be many different visual system problems that a child has. And finding the right diagnosis is important to getting the treatment that can help them overcome these challenges.

And read, and learn without problem. Whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton, or another treatment.