Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is extremely common among adults says eye doctor Edmonton. And because of how prevail and it is, Alberta optometry Association conducted a survey. And discovered that 90% of adults in Alberta experience symptoms of dry eyes.

One of the reasons why it is so prevalent in Alberta. Is because Alberta is an extremely dry climate. And that can lead to symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.

Many patients may not realize that there is a specific syndrome called dry eye syndrome. And they also may not realize that a lot of the symptoms that they are experiencing. Has a cause, and can be treated.

Dry eye syndrome is when a patient’s body is not able to produce enough tears to lubricate the surface of the online. Or they are not producing a good quality of tears. And those poor quality tears lack the lubrication needed to keep the surface of the eye lubricated.

When a patient does not produce enough tears, there is not able to stay lubricated. And if they have poor quality tears, they evaporate quickly, or run off the surface of the eye before lubricating it. Causing the symptoms associated with the syndrome.

Tears an extremely important component to a person’s vision. Because not only do they provide nutrients to the front surface of the eye. They also flush away bacteria, but most importantly, provide a smooth surface for light to pass through.

The more easily the light can pass through the surface of the eye, the clear a patient’s vision is going to be. So when the eye is not lubricated enough. The light bounces around as it passes through the dry eye. Causing a variety of symptoms.


Some symptoms that are associated with dry eye include fluctuating vision. This is because the eye is not lubricated, causing the light to bounce around as it passes through the surface of the eye.

Fluctuating vision includes blurriness. And many patients actually make an appointment with my doctor Edmonton in order to get their eyes checked. Because they assume that due to this blurriness, they require a new prescription.

However, this is not the case, and yet when they get their eye exam, they will also automatically get a dry eye syndrome evaluation.

If eye doctor Edmonton discovers that they have dry eye syndrome. They can treat the symptoms, and often find that patients do not require a change of prescription in their glasses at all.

A telltale sign that a patient’s blurred vision is caused by dry eye syndrome instead of needing a new prescription. Is if people have clear vision sometimes, and blurred vision other times. That is the most common indication.

Other symptoms that people need to be aware of includes burning, itchiness and red eyes. As well as feeling like a patient has sand paper in their eyes, or a foreign body in their eyes.

By understanding the various symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. Can help encourage patients to reach out to eye doctor Edmonton to get diagnosed. So that they can treat the cause and avoid living with the symptoms.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

More people are living with dry eye syndrome than they realize says eye doctor Edmonton. Because while 90% of adults experience symptoms of dry eyes. Not everyone is getting the treatment they need to see well and be comfortable.

That are many different causes of dry eye syndrome. And the most significant cause in Alberta, is the fact that it is an extremely dry climate.

The dry air causes people’s tears to evaporate from the surface of their eye. Causing a lot of the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.

However, a dry climate is not the only cause of dry eye syndrome. People who smoke, or are around smoke a lot will develop dry eye syndrome. People who are around strong fumes for part of their job, excessive computer use, and even some medical conditions.

Some of the conditions that cause dry eye syndrome include rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, and people with inflammatory conditions.

Controlling these medical conditions is an important way to control symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton.

And while these can be a lot of environmental factors that cause symptoms. There are a lot of things that people can do, to minimize those environmental factors, and minimize symptoms.


One of the first things that people should know, is because excessive computer use causes symptoms. They should limit the amount of time spent on a computer. And take frequent breaks.

Eye doctor Edmonton recommends looking away from a computer screen every twenty minutes. In order to focus on something 20 feet away for twenty seconds.

By doing this, patients can avoid heavily focusing their eye close up for extended periods of time. That can lead to dry eye syndrome.

Other things that patients can do to help minimize dry eye syndrome symptoms. Include using a humidifier both at home and at work.

As well as eating foods high in omega-3. Because omega-3 helps the body produce more tears, as well as helps produce the oil that lubricates a person’s tears.

Drinking lots of water can ensure that a person is well hydrated, so that their body has the resources to produce tears. As well as avoiding activities such as getting eyelash extensions, and avoiding getting eyeliner tattooed on.

If all of these things does not and up minimizing a patient’s dry eye syndrome, eye doctor Edmonton can provide help, by prescribing a medicated eye lubricant. That is designed to not only lubricate the eye and provide anti-inflammatory properties.

But also, these medicated eyedrops also are designed. To help a patient’s body produce more tears on their own, and better quality tears as well.

While use of these medicated eye lubricants can help the body produce more tears on its own over time.

Ultimately, it is recommended that people continue to minimize the environmental factors that can cause dry eye symptoms. Because often when patients stop treatment, their symptoms come back.

Therefore, when patients develop their first dry eye symptoms, they typically will have to continue to doing all of the things that will help minimize symptoms on an ongoing basis.