Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Dry Eyes?

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Dry Eyes?

The majority of adults in Alberta are going to experience dry eyes at some point in their lifetime according to eye doctor Edmonton. However, the majority of these people may not immediately understand that they are suffering from this chronic condition.

The reason why, because the symptoms associated with dry eyes. Are not necessarily obvious, at least to the average person.

Therefore, they end up suffering longer than they should. Because they do not know that there symptoms have a cause that can be treated.

Some symptoms are exceptionally obvious as dry eyes. Such as people who are experiencing itchy eyes, red eyes, or burning sensation in their eyes.

Or feel as though they have a foreign body in their eye that they cannot quite get rid of. Or feeling that the inside of their eyelids are made of sandpaper when they close their eyes.

However other symptoms are much less obvious. Such as fluctuating vision, or blurred or double vision. That usually have people think that they are chronically sleep deprived. Or that they need to change their eyeglasses prescription.

Another surprising symptom of dry eye syndrome. Is that people end up having excessively teary eyes. And they are surprised when there eye doctor Edmonton prescribes lubricating eyedrops.

Ultimately, dry eyes condition where a person is either not producing enough tears. Or they are producing tears of poor quality. Which means their eyes cannot get the lubrication they need to function well.


Tears do an extremely important function for eyes for many different reasons. From helping provide nutrients to the front surface of the eyes. As well as flushing away bacteria and foreign bodies, to keep the eye healthy.

Also, tears are needed to provide a smooth and glassy surface. So that when light passes through the surface of the eye to the cornea, there is less distortion. Which allows a person to see clearly.

If there is not enough lubrication on the eyes, the surface of the eye is rough, which causes the light to bounce around before it reaches the cornea. Which will cause blurred or double vision.

Therefore, if people are experiencing any symptoms in their eye. Eye doctor Edmonton suggests making an appointment with their doctor right away. In order to get an eye examination done.

Not only are there a lot of diagnostic tests available. In order to diagnose dry eye syndrome. But many of these tests are a routine part of a typical eye exam, covered by healthcare.

There optometrist will be able to test the modality of the tears as well as look at the tears underneath the microscope to see if the makeup of the tears is proper.

They will also be able to measure tear production as well as how quickly the tears evaporate. So that their optometrist will be able to tell if they are producing enough tears, or good quality tears.

In addition to that, their optometrist will also be looking at the physical eye and surrounding area. Such as checking the cells of the cornea. As a well as the tear ducts and oil producing glands.

There could be a blocked ducts, atrophy in the ducts or glands, or hyper trophy which is swelling of the ducts or glands. This can cause problems in tearing up, or releasing the oil that lubricates the tears.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Dry Eyes?

While the majority of adults are going to experience dry eye syndrome at some point in their lifetime says eye doctor Edmonton. Adults in a dry climate such as Alberta experience symptoms with an increased frequency.

In fact, according to the Alberta optometry Association. 90% of adults in Alberta experience symptoms of dry eyes.

Therefore, more adults need to be aware of all of the symptoms of dry eyes. As well as all of the causes of dry eyes. So that they can understand when it is time to go see eye doctor Edmonton.

There are many different environmental factors that can cause dry eyes including dry climates. But also things such as working or living in a smoky environment, excessive computer use, and having some medical conditions.

Can all contribute to the chronic condition of dry eye syndrome. Other factors that can contribute to developing dry eye syndrome.

Include being dehydrated, not eating enough omega-3, or having eyelash extensions or tattooed eyeliner. Therefore, when people are experiencing the symptoms of dry eyes.

The first thing that they should do is change their environment and lifestyle. In order to see if that improves the symptoms that they are experiencing.

They might want to get a humidifier to combat the dry climate. And start drinking more water. In order to be more hydrated, so that they can produce more tears.


However, they also might want to consider either avoiding getting eyelash extensions. Or having the ones that they have removed. Because that can cause inflammation that affects tear production.

If they are smokers, they might want to quit. Or smoke outside rather than in the house where it can dry out their eyes.

In addition to that, since excessive computer and electronic use can cause dryness. Anyone who is on a computer for more than a few minutes need to understand how often they should take breaks.

Optometrists typically recommend the twenty, twenty, twenty rule. Which is every twenty minutes, take a twenty second break. To look at something over 20 feet away.

The reason why, is because people who use computers or electronics such as tablets, phones and televisions. Tend to blink less frequently than they should.

And this twenty second break to look at something 20 feet away. Will get them to blink more frequently, so that they can avoid drying out their eyes.

However, all of these lifestyle and environmental changes might not be enough. To eliminate or minimize dry eye syndrome symptoms enough. Which is why they should get their eye doctor Edmonton to prescribe some lubricating and medicated eyedrops.

This can help people not only have lubricated eyes. But it can also help minimize the swelling with anti-inflammatories in the eyedrops.

And some medicated eyedrops can also help the body to naturally increase the tears that they produce. So that they can minimize the use of medicated eyedrops in the future.