Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is far more common than many people realize according to eye doctor Edmonton. The reason why, is because often symptoms are attributed to something else. Because they are not obviously associated with dry eyes.

One of the most common symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Includes fluctuating vision. Whether they have clear vision in the morning, and blurred vision later on in the day. Or if they have blurred vision after spending a lot of time on a computer.

This symptom often causes people to go to eye doctor Edmonton, in order to get their eyes checked. Because they assume that their prescription in their corrective lenses have changed.

Therefore, they come in to get their eyes checked. Only to be told that their prescription is fine. But then they are diagnosed with having dry eye syndrome.

The reason why dry eye syndrome causes fluctuating vision. Is because in order to help people see clearly. The light needs to pass through their eyes easily.

When eyes are dry however. Their eyes have a rough surface, and when light passes through the rough surface, it causes the vision to be blurred.

People often find when they have blurred vision, it often comes right after blinking. Which is a clear indication that there blurred vision is caused by dry eye syndrome.

And that when they initially blinked, their eyes are lubricated. But the longer their eyes open, the more dry there eye gets, causing a blurry or vision to occur.


What is happening in a patient’s body that causes dry eye syndrome. Is that the body stops producing enough tears. Or, they are not producing a high quality tear. That can lubricate the surface of the eye well.

This is caused when the body is not producing enough oil that goes in the tears. Which causes the tears to evaporate too quickly, causing the eye to be dry. Or causing the tears to be very runny, and they run off the eye without lubricating it first.

This is typically what causes people to see a blurred vision because of their dry eye syndrome. Luckily, there are things that they can do to help them combat this problem.

Eye doctor Edmonton often suggests people eating foods that are rich in omega-3. And taking an omega-3 supplement. Because this can help people produce more lubricating tears.

They can also get prescription eyedrops, that not only lubricate the eyes. But actually encourages the body to produce more tears on their own, and a higher quality tear as well.

In fact, one of the reasons why a person’s body is not producing enough oil in order to lubricate the tears. Is because the glands that produces the oil are blocked. And they are often blocked because they are swollen.

Therefore, the prescription eyedrops that they can get from there eye doctor. Can reduce the swelling in those glands, allowing the tears to have more lubricating oil in them. Minimizing the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

The symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome are extremely varied says eye doctor Edmonton. And a lot of them are not obvious that they are caused by dry eyes. Because of this, patients often end up suffering from the symptoms for years. Before getting help, because they do not know the reason these symptoms are occurring.

Some surprising symptoms include excessive tearing of the eyes. Many people who go to eye doctor Edmonton complaining of excessive tearing. Often are very surprised when their doctor prescribes lubricating eyedrops.

The reason why excessive tearing is a symptom of dry eye syndrome. Is because a patient is not producing enough tears, or the tears that they are producing are not lubricating enough.

And because of that, the bodies reflexive response is to increase the amount of tears that it produces. Unfortunately, this reflexive tearing does not produce lubricating tears. Which is why people will start getting excessively teary eyes, in response to having dry eyes.

If this is the case, and patients are experiencing excessively teary eyes because they have developed dry eye syndrome. One of the first things that eye doctor Edmonton will do, is suggest lubricating eyedrops.

And while there are many different types of eyedrops to choose from. Patients need to keep in mind that some are better than others.

There doctor will let them know which brand to get, so that they are not only lubricating. But that they also have anti-inflammatory properties.

The reason why anti-inflammatory properties is important. Is because the glands that produce the oil that lubricates the tears. Is often swollen, itches why the tears are not doing their job.


By causing the swelling to go down, can often cause people to have reduced symptoms without any other treatments. However, minimizing symptoms often requires many different treatments.

Using a warm compress daily is often helpful as well. Because heat can help open up the glands that produce the oil and tears. And doing this in conjunction with anti-inflammatory eyedrops. Can help increase tear flow naturally.

It is also important that people are avoiding environmental factors, such as a dry climate can be combated with humidifier. People who are around smoke or smoke themselves can stop smoking.

Even drinking lots of water, and eating foods rich with omega-3 can help people minimize the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. If people cannot eat enough food with omega-3 in it. They can often take a supplement that will help them produce the oil that lubricates their tears.

Even minimizing computer time, or taking a lot of breaks. Can help relieve symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. Because eyes can dry out quickly when focusing close up, as with computer usage.

Ultimately, patients need to realize that treating the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome will be a multipronged approach.

And even if they are able to encourage their body to produce more tears, and better quality tears on a regular basis. They will still likely need to continue some treatment on an ongoing basis.

Because dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition, that typically will come back if treatment is discontinued. By learning this, patients cannot only manage their dry eye syndrome. But have comfortable, clear vision for the rest of their life.