Eye Doctor Edmonton | Avoid Eye Problems From Computers

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Avoid Eye Problems From Computers

People may not even be aware that prolonged computer or electronic device use can be bad for their eyes says eye doctor Edmonton. Or, they might think that the only thing that can happen is that they get eyestrain from prolonged use.

But they do not know how close something has to be in order to get eyestrain. Or what that eyestrain looks or feels like.

In fact, problems associated with computer or electronic device use is more serious than just eyestrain. And instances of computer vision syndrome is on the rise.

Making it very important for people to understand not only what this is. But what the symptoms are. And what they can do to minimize or eliminate those symptoms.

The reason why computer or electronic device is so serious says eye doctor Edmonton. Is because first of all, so many people are spending such as large amount of time on their computers. Often upwards of over twelve hours every single day.

And minimizing that time on their computers may not always be possible. Especially since the majority of the time people are spending on an electronic device. Is required as part of their work.

But also, the other reason why this is such a huge problem for people. Is because electronic devices emit something called blue violet light. That can be very problematic.

What blue violet light is, is light that is the shortest wavelength. Which actually means it contains the most energy. When people spend a lot of time looking at electronic devices, that high-energy light comes back at them, causing a variety of problems including fatigue.

Not only can blue violet light cause fatigue. But it can also cause problems with people including melatonin levels. Which is why if people are using electronic devices right before bed. They often report having a very poor quality sleep.


And if people end up having a poor quality sleep. Eye doctor Edmonton says that can increase the eyestrain, and fatigue associated with computer vision syndrome.

In fact, it is very important for everyone who uses a computer or electronic device. To understand what the symptoms are surrounding the syndrome. So that they can be watchful for them. So that they can get the help they need as quickly as possible.

Eyestrain and fatigue are two of the most common symptoms. But people often report blurred or double vision as well.

The blurred or double vision will be after they are done spending time on their computer or electronic device. And they go to another activity.

A common example of this period is when people have spent all day on a computer at work. And then when they get in their car to drive home. Find that the road is blurry and they are unable to drive home.

Eye doctor says the reason this happens, is because they have been focusing their eyes close up all they with no brakes. Which means their eyes are having a hard time relaxing. Which causes the blurred or double vision.

Not only can this cause blurred or double vision. It can also cause eye spasms to happen. Which can be very troubling to experience.

When people understand what causes computer vision syndrome. As well as what the symptoms are. They will be able to minimize the activities that can cause it. As well as it get help as quickly as possible when they realize they are experiencing symptoms.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Avoid Eye Problems From Computers

Even though the name computer vision syndrome suggests that only computer users can be afflicted says eye doctor Edmonton. People who use all types of electronic devices can develop the syndrome. Which will cause a lot of problems with their vision and with their eyes.

And while record numbers of people are getting diagnosed with this syndrome every year. Alberta optometry Association says that more children than ever before are getting diagnosed. And that they are getting diagnosed at a younger age than they ever have been.

This is extremely problematic. Because the earlier that children get diagnosed with computer vision syndrome, impacts the severity of their eye problems in the future.

And while adults need to spend approximately 10 to 12 hours a day on electronic devices to develop computer vision syndrome. That number is much lower in children. Only requiring 2 to 3 hours every single day on an electronic device. In order to develop symptoms.

This is why it is extremely important that not only adults, but children who use electronic devices. Minimize the use of these devices as much as they possibly can. However, many adults need to use computers at work. And many children now have computers in the curriculum.


Which is why it is extremely important to understand that adults and children alike need to stop every twenty minutes to give their eyes a break. In adults, this simply means focusing on something 20 feet away for twenty seconds.

However in children says eye doctor Edmonton. The recommendation is for children to get onto a completely different topic, ideally something that does not involve near work. For at least 20 to 30 minutes.

What this does, is it gives their eyes a chance to relax, so that they are not focused and engaging the muscles for an extended period of time.

While minimizing electronic device use and taking breaks is an important way to minimize symptoms. It may not be enough. Which is why many people go to eye doctor Edmonton to find out what other treatment options are available.

And whether people are using corrective lenses already or not. Their optometrist can make computer glasses that are owing to help people have help in focusing on close-up tasks. To minimize eyestrain.

In addition to that, they can have a variety of lens coatings that can demise eyestrain. Such as anti reflective lenses. Or coatings that can block violet light. So that the symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome can be minimized or even completely eliminated.