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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Problems Common After Concussions

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Problems After Concussions

It is quite common for people to experience vision problems after their concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. This is because there are so many parts of a person’s brain that are related to vision. That even after a mild concussion. People can experience a wide variety of symptoms.

There are three hundred neural connections in the brain to do with the visual system. As well as thirty-two centres in the brain that are related to vision. With how many connections there are, mild concussions can end up impacting any of those connections or centres. That can show up in a wide variety of ways.

Many symptoms that show up following a concussion are more obviously related to vision. Such as if a patient has dry eyes, double vision, or blurred vision. And eyestrain. When this is the case, they are often recommended cognitive rest. So that they can avoid activities like reading, cell phone and computer use, and avoiding watching TV. In order to give their brain arrest.

They might find that in the weeks following, that they can only manage reading for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Before requiring a break. And they need to limit time on their digital devices. Or else they will get mentally exhausted.

However, other symptoms that point to damage to the visual system. Are less obvious. And can often cause doctors to prescribe a variety of other treatments. That end up not working well according to eye doctor Edmonton.


These other symptoms can include things like a loss of balance, sensitivity to motion in their periphery. As well as experiencing dizziness or nausea.

If a patient is told that these symptoms can occur, and that they are potentially related to the damage to their visual system. Can help ensure the patient gets the treatment that they need. Unfortunately, this is often diagnosed as something different. Which causes the problem to go untreated for a long time.

In fact, 15% of patients who have these symptoms, say they persist for longer than a year. Showing how important it is to get the appropriate treatment. Because the problems are not likely to resolve themselves quickly

When way that a patient often gets diagnosed with having damage to the vision system of their brain. It is once they start undergoing physiotherapy, or start working with an occupational therapist. If they are not progressing as quickly as their therapists think they should. That might point to needing to get more evaluations done.

They can work collaboratively with an eye doctor Edmonton that is gained in neuro- rehabilitation. This doctor will be able to do a different assessment other than the typical eye exam. To see if a patient does not fact have damage to their visual system of their brain.

When treating the visual system along side other therapy such as physiotherapy. A patient will be able to heal much more quickly. As well as much more successfully. Making it incredibly important for patients who have concussions to get the right diagnosis.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Vision Problems & Concussions

Often, those who have suffered a concussion find it very difficult to function at school or work says eye doctor Edmonton. In this can be due to the parts of their brain that were injured.

It is very important for people to understand, that depending on where their brain was injured. And how severe the concussion is. They might have a wide variety of symptoms.

However, it is very common for people to have visual problems following a concussion. Simply because there are so many different areas of the brain that are related back to vision. Even symptoms that may not be very obvious to be related to visual problems. Which can often make it very difficult to diagnose.

One of the first things that a patient should do following a concussion is stop the activity that they were doing that cause them to get injured in the first place. Even with mild concussions, it can increase a person’s risk for more concussions. And compounding the brain injury that they have.

Especially when that concussion is extremely mild, that might not have included a hit to the head. Or loss of consciousness. May not be recognized as a concussion initially.

However, no matter how severe or mild that concussion is. It is very important for a person to rest their brain within the first twenty-four hours. This means avoiding things like reading, watching television, or using their cell phone. To avoid a strain on their brain.


Following the concussion, a person may find it necessary to enlarge the font on whatever they are reading. And that they can only concentrate on reading for around five or ten minutes at a time. This can point to having damage to their visual system. And may be accompanied by a variety of other symptoms.

They might report having a problem balancing, or having dizziness. They might have nausea, or a hypersensitivity to motion. If they find that it is difficult to read, concentrate, and that they have these symptoms in conjunction with those problems. A should see an eye doctor Edmonton right away.

By getting an evaluation by a doctor who has training in neuro- rehabilitation, can help them get the appropriate diagnosis. Of damage to their visual system.

Not only can the right diagnosis results in the right therapy. Which is in neuro- optometric rehabilitation therapy. But the doctor Edmonton will also be able to treat specific symptoms that they are experiencing. So that they can get some relief while they are going through their therapy.

They will be able to get glasses with tenants that can help them with their visual processing. Or with yoke prisons in them, that can help improve their balance. By treating the symptoms at the same time that they treat their brain injury.

Doing both treatments at the same time with an eye doctor Edmonton can help patients get back to normal faster. While allowing their brain to heal more effectively and completely.