Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Dry Eye Symptoms?

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Dry Eye Symptoms?

The majority of the adult population in Alberta will experience symptoms of dry eye says eye doctor Edmonton. Often because the climate of Alberta which is very dry. Causes people to experience dry eye symptoms.

A dry climate can evaporate the tears off of persons I, causing them to have dry eyes. And this can cause a lot of different symptoms. One of the most common symptoms. That is not sincerely associated with dry eyes.

Is blurred vision Says eye doctor Edmonton. The reason why dry eyes causes vision to be blurry. Is because of how the eye uses light to see.

The more lubricated a patient’s eye is, the more easily light can pass through the surface of the eye easily. So that people can see clearly.

When a person’s eye is dry, the surface of their eye is actually rough, and when light passes through the surface of the eye, the roughness causes light to bounce around. which is why people will experience blurred or even double vision.

One of the things that causes people to realize that this is dry eye syndrome. Instead of needing a change of their glasses prescription.

Is the fact that they might have clear vision at the beginning of the day when they first wake up. And that their vision starts to get more blurred as the day goes on.

Or, a patient might discover that they have clear vision until they spend several hours on a computer. Or after using their cell phone or tablet.


It might even be that a patient has blurred vision after their eye has been open for a while. But when they blinked, their vision is clear again. All of these things can point to dry eye syndrome. Instead of needing new glasses.

There are several different reasons why people might have dry eyes. From not producing enough tears to keep the surface of their eye lubricated. Or not producing good enough quality tears to lubricate the eyes.

People need to keep in mind, that what causes the tears they have to be lubricating. Is an oil that a gland near their eye produces. This helps keep the tears on the surface of the eye.

And also, this oil keeps the tears from evaporating quickly as well. Therefore, even if a person has a large amount of tears. But the tears do not have this oil in it. They will find that they still have dry eye symptoms.

In fact, the body can start to produce excessive tears, when faced with dry eye symptoms. In order to fix the problem.

However, eye doctor Edmonton says the problem with this. Is that these reflexive tears do not have the oil in them. To keep them in the eye or, keep them from evaporating.

Therefore, patients need to make an appointment with their optometrist. In order to determine what the cause of their dry eyes is. So that they can get the right treatment that helps fix that problem, so that they can end up with minimal symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Dry Eye Symptoms?

Dry eye syndrome is extremely common says eye doctor Edmonton. Even though not a lot of people understand that the symptoms that they have is caused by this chronic condition.

Many people who have dry eye syndrome experience burning eyes, itchiness or have red eyes. Or complain that it feels like they have got foreign bodies in their eyes, and no matter what they do to get rid of the foreign body, they still feel it.

They also end up complaining that it feels like they have sandpaper in their eyes, or that their eyelids feel like they are made of sandpaper. This is because there is not enough lubrication.

And while that is one of the most obvious symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Patients also need to understand that there is a wide variety of other symptoms that may be less obvious.

Blurred vision is one, that is caused when the light cannot pass easily through the surface of the eye due to lack of lubrication says eye doctor Edmonton.

But also, another symptom is if people end up having excessive tearing in their eyes as well. This is the body’s reflex to flood the eyes with tears, because they are dry. But the problem is that patients do not have enough of the oil in the tears to help keep the tears in their eyes to lubricate them.

There are many different things that patients can do in order to minimize their symptoms. Including environmental factors such as using a humidifier when they live in a dry climate. To quitting smoking, or only smoking outside.


Dry eye syndrome can also be caused by medical conditions including a wide variety of inflammatory conditions, but also thyroid disease and rheumatoid arthritis for example.

The more well-controlled these medical conditions are, the better the dry eye symptoms can be managed as well. Therefore, if patients have dry eye symptoms, they also have these medical conditions. They may want to go to the doctor and find out how they can treat those conditions better.

There is also a lot of other treatments that they can be prescribed by their eye doctor Edmonton in order to minimize symptoms. From taking eye lubricants that have lubricating properties and anti-inflammatory properties.

Two prescription eyedrops that also help the body produce more tears and more oil. So that over time, a patient’s eye can start combating the problem on its own.

By removing air attendance whenever possible, like eyelash extensions, or limiting computer time or taking more breaks. Can help people who are experiencing dry eye symptoms feel relief.

Even drinking lots of water can be very beneficial. Because if a person is dehydrated says eye doctor Edmonton, they will not be able to produce the tears needed to keep their eyes lubricated.

Even eating foods high in omega-3, or taking omega-3 supplements. Can be very beneficial. Because that will help the body produce the oil that they tears needs to continue to lubricate EI.

Because there are many different symptoms that cause dry eyes. Just as many treatments and options for patients to minimize their symptoms.