Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is the name of a collection of symptoms that are caused by prolonged computer use according to eye doctor Edmonton. And while any prolonged close up work can cause eyestrain in people. Computer vision syndrome is actually caused by using electronic devices.

This is because in addition to requiring people to focus their eye muscles for a prolonged period of time. There are a lot of other things that are associated with computer use that contributes to this problem.

For example, studies have shown that people who are on electronic devices for a long period of time blink less often. Which contributes to their symptoms. In fact, anyone who has right eyes will often experience symptoms a lot sooner. Making this are particularly prominent problem in drier climates such as Alberta.

In addition to that, not just computers, but a wide variety of electronic devices. Such as televisions, tablets and cell phones. Admit a blue violet light that can cause a lot of problems. Including increasing the eyestrain that people experience. And interrupting their sleep patterns at night.

Therefore, people who spend a lot of time on computers as well as digital devices. And up getting diagnosed with something called computer vision syndrome. Eye doctor Edmonton says that while studies have shown that 50 to 90% of computer users suffer from this syndrome. The Alberta optometry Association has found that those numbers are likely low.

They often see people on a daily basis suffering from computer vision syndrome. And Alberta optometry Association has reported that 74% of patients with computer vision syndrome experience symptoms on a daily basis.


Although the obvious treatment for computer vision syndrome is to avoid use of electronic devices. But this is not always possible. Especially as people are on computers for work. And children are spending more time on computers at school as well.

For these people, taking breaks often enough and for a long enough period of time is very effective at either minimizing or eliminating the symptoms that are associated with this syndrome. Eye doctor Edmonton recommends adults take a break every twenty minutes. And focusing their eyes for twenty seconds on something twenty minutes away.

What this does is it forces their eyes to stop working so hard to focus close up. And that break can be enough for that eye to stop feeling fatigued. If people are not taking enough breaks while on a computer for a prolonged period of time.

What they often find is at the end of their day, when they step away from their computer or electronic device. That their vision is lured, or they have double vision. Because their eyes are having a hard time relaxing from being focused all day long.

For children, the recommended amount of time on a computer in one time frame is 20 to 30 minutes. Before completely changing activities and doing something else. That has them focusing their eyes on something 20 feet away. Such as spending time outside.

By understanding what causes computer vision syndrome. Can help people manage their symptoms, and minimize the time that they are spending on electronic devices. So that they can be more comfortable throughout their day.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | What Causes Computer Vision Syndrome

Not only are more people on computers and electronic devices as part of their work says eye doctor Edmonton. But people often then come home to watch TV, play video games or spend time on social media. Which contributes to symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome.

The symptoms that people often describe to their optometrists can include eyestrain, fatigue and headaches. But also blurred or double vision and dry eyes. If people have computer vision syndrome for long enough, or about enough case they can even start experiencing spasms of their accommodative system from this sustained computer work.

Anyone who spends a prolonged period of time on digital devices such as computers, cell phones or tablets. Can suffer from computer vision syndrome. And while adults are typically the ones suffering from this syndrome. The amount of children are getting diagnosed with this are on the rise.

What is troubling about children who are getting diagnosed with computer vision syndrome. Is that they are discovering that the younger children are when they get this diagnosis. The more damage they will have their eyes as adults. Often having extreme nearsightedness.

Therefore, eye doctor Edmonton says it is of paramount importance that parents are aware of this. So that they can monitor electronic device use. And help their children take breaks they need to avoid damaging their eyes.


While the best way to do this is to completely eliminate exposure to digital devices with children. But this is not always possible, especially as more children are using computers at school. And whenever it is not possible to eliminate, taking frequent breaks every 20 to 30 minutes is very important.

For people who are suffering from the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Eye doctor Edmonton can prescribe a wide variety of solutions. Including lenses in either glasses or contacts. That can help the eye focus more easily. So that the eyes do not have to work so hard.

To lenses that have coatings on them that can minimize eyestrain, stop reflecting light, and block blue violet light as well. And often, taking breaks and minimizing exposure. As well as using these glasses or lenses. Can be enough to minimize or eliminate symptoms. That people can proceed with their day in comfort.

If there is anyone thinking that they are suffering from computer vision syndrome, or that their children are suffering from this comment syndrome. They can make an appointment with eye doctor Edmonton in order to get a routine examination.

There is no specific tests that can diagnose computer vision syndrome. But the complete medical history. As well as answering questions about exposure to computers can help the optometrist gain an understanding of their lifestyle.

So that during the exam, they can look for physical symptoms such as dry eye, or accommodative spasms. That can help them diagnose computer vision syndrome. So that people can get the most effective treatment for the symptoms that they have.