Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Understanding Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Understanding Dry Eye Syndrome

Even though many people may be experiencing dry eye syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. They may not realize it, because their symptoms may not be obvious that they have dry eyes.

In order to understand why this is, people should understand what dry eye is, and what causes it. Ultimately, it is caused by the body either not producing enough tears. Or the tears that it is producing is not a good quality to lubricate the eye.

It is very important that a person’s eyes remain lubricated. Not only because tears provide nutrients to the surface of the eye that keeps it healthy. It also flushes away bacteria and foreign bodies from the eye says eye doctor Edmonton.

But also, the tears that lubricate the eye ensure that people can see out of their eye clearly. This is because the lubrication causes a smooth surface for the light to pass through and into the eye.

If the eye is not lubricated, the surface of the eye is rougher, which means light bounces around as it passes through the surface of the eye. Causing a blurred vision in patients with dry eyes.

In fact, people who have dry eye syndrome and complain of blurred vision. Typically indicate that they only have blurred vision some of the time. Such as having very clear vision when they first wake up in the morning. But as the day progresses, their vision gets blurry.

Or, they complain that after they have spent time on the computer for several hours. When they stop using the computer and go to do something else, they have a very hard time seeing because their vision is blurry.


Even in extreme cases, people complained that they have an easier time seeing right after they blink, and then their vision gets blurry the longer their eyes are open.

This is all caused by not having enough lubrication on the surface of a patient’s eye. However, the body’s response to this is often to cause an excessive amount of tears to flood a patient’s eyes.

This reflexive tearing will not produce lubricating tears. So it will continue to flood a patient’s eyes with these tears.

This is why patients who have dry eye syndrome. Often do not realize that the problem that they have is dry eyes. Because they are complaining that they have an overabundance of tears in their eyes. Which is why they are coming to eye doctor Edmonton.

However, there are many things that can be done to help increase the quality and the amount of tears for person’s eyes. And one of the first things that they will be asked to do, is remove or limit a lot of the environmental factors that cause dry eye syndrome.

People living in Alberta often find relief with a humidifier. Because the climate in Alberta is excessively dry. They can also quit smoking, or ensure that people they live with smoke outside only.

Drink lots of water, eat foods that are high in omega-3. All of these things can be very helpful in eliminating or minimizing the symptoms that they are experiencing due to dry eye syndrome.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Understanding Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition according to eye doctor Edmonton. That typically requires a long-term treatment plan. To manage the symptoms on an ongoing basis.

There are many different symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. That often go undiagnosed for many years. Because many people do not realize that the symptoms they are experiencing are caused by dry eye syndrome.

Some common symptoms include burning, itchiness or redness in their eyes. As well as feeling like people have foreign bodies in their eyes, or a feeling similar to sandpaper.

Patients also can get excessive tearing in their eyes, and blurred vision. All of these can point to dry eye syndrome. However, getting the right diagnosis is important to getting the right treatment.

Patients can go to eye doctor Edmonton for routine eye exam. Where they will automatically get diagnostic tests to see if they have dry eye syndrome.

If their optometrist determines that they do have dry eye syndrome. There are many different things that they can do, in order to manage the symptoms.

Because excessive computer use can contribute to developing dry eye syndrome. One of the first things eye doctor Edmonton will suggest is limiting computer time whenever possible. And whenever it is not possible, patients should take a lot of breaks.


The brakes that are recommended are every twenty minutes. And require a person focusing on something 20 feet away for twenty seconds. This can keep their eyes from focusing close up, that can cause dry eyes.

In addition to that, they will discuss with their optometrist what they can do at home and in their lifestyle. To minimize symptoms. Including removing air attendance like eyelash extensions, using a humidifier at home, and limiting exposure to smoke.

Even dietary changes can help minimize symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Including increasing the amount of water that a person drinks during the day. And eating foods that are rich in omega-3. And taking an omega-3 supplement.

However, in your cases, just changing a person’s lifestyle is not enough to minimize symptoms. And this is when they can talk to eye doctor Edmonton about eye lubricants.

That can cause their eyes to be more lubricated minimize symptoms. But also can provide some anti-inflammatory relief, to keep their eyes comfortable, and reduce the swelling in their glands. That can often be the cause of poor quality tears.

Even having a warm compress can help open up a person’s tear ducts and glands in order to produce more tears. As well as help produce better quality tears.

And if these treatments are not enough, they can even get a prescription eyedrop, that contains medication that can help person’s body create better quality tears on their own.

While there are many different treatments for dry eye syndrome. The goal will be to get the condition under control. But then a patient will need to be ready for long-term maintenance of this condition. So that they can avoid developing symptoms of dry eye syndrome again.