Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treating Dry Eye Symptoms

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treating Dry Eye Symptoms

Many people assume that dry eyes are simply irritating says eye doctor Edmonton. And do not think much about it. However, dry eyes can be a symptom of a larger problem. That should get treated correctly.

Some of the most common symptoms that people experience with dry eye syndrome. Include having red, itchy and burning eyes. Or feeling like they have sandpaper on the inside of their eyelids.

While these are some of the most obvious symptoms of dry eyes. People often think that all they have to do is get a lubricating eyedrops in order to treat the symptoms.

And while this can be effective for a time. People need to be very careful because there are some eyedrops that are better at lubricating the eyes than others.

In fact, as much as this can help treat the symptoms. If people are not treating the cause of their dry eyes. They are going to have to continue to use eyedrops indefinitely. Because they are not eliminating the reason why they need to use eyedrops.

However, many people may not realize why they are developing dry eyes. And they might not even realize that it is something that they can go see eye doctor Edmonton in order to fix.

In fact, dry eyes can indicate a larger problem called dry eye syndrome. Which have many other symptoms other than dry eyes. Such as blurred or double vision. And excessive cheeriness of their eyes.

The reason why people develop dry eye syndrome. Can be multifaceted. Including living in an extremely dry climate such as Alberta. Two excessive computer use without enough breaks.


People can also have medical conditions that contribute to developing dry eye syndrome. And can have physical problems wrong with their tear ducts and tear glands. That cause them to not be able to lubricate their eyes properly.

Because there are so many different causes. People should talk to eye doctor Edmonton in order to get a proper diagnosis so that they can treat cause and not the symptoms.

Are actually many different diagnostic tools that optometrists can use to diagnose dry eye syndrome. And these tools are typically included in a standard eye exam.

Aside from taking the patient’s history. Optometrists will be able to test the modality of the tears to see if it is normal. Because normal, healthy tears will have oil in them to help keep the tears on a person’s eye. As well as guarding against fast evaporation.

Other tests that doctors can use can include measuring a patient’s tear production and tear is operation rate. As well as looking right at a patient’s tissue, such as the cells of their cornea.

Or looking directly at their tear ducts or tear producing glands. To see if they are blocked, swollen, or if they have signs of atrophy.

Once their optometrist finds the cause behind their dry eye syndrome. They will be able to suggest a course of treatment that will impact the cause. So that people can improve this chronic condition over time. Instead of merely treating the symptoms.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Treating Dry Eye Symptoms

Even though it makes sense for people to treat the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. This can become a challenge, when people do not know what those symptoms are.

In fact, aside from the typical symptoms of burning, itchy and red eyes. People might assume that the symptoms that they have are from another cause.

In fact, many people go to eye doctor Edmonton in order to get an eye exam. Because they make the assumption that they need a new lens prescription because they stopped being able to see clearly.

However, upon it I examination, they discover that their eyes have not changed, and they do not need a new prescription. But they have something called dry eye syndrome.

The reason why dry eye syndrome will cause double or blurred vision. Is because of the role of lubrication in helping people see.

When the eye is well lubricated, it provides a smooth surface for the light to pass through, help people see clearly. Without enough lubrication on the surface of the eye.

The light will refract off of the rough surfaces it encounters, causing a person to see a blurred image. Or have them see double images instead.

Therefore, in order to ensure that people can see clearly. They need to have well lubricated eyes. When people are using a computer for a long period of time with no brakes.

Whether that is a computer monitor from a desktop computer, a laptop. Or even if it is their cell phone or tablet. This can cause dry eyes.


The reason why, is because when people are using these electronic devices. They tend to blink less frequently than normal. Causing their eyes to dry out.

Because of this, eye doctor Edmonton suggests that people take breaks every twenty minutes while on any electronic device. The brakes do not have to be long however.

Just by focusing on something 20 feet away for twenty seconds. Can give their eye enough of a break to avoid drying out.

Another symptom that causes problems for patients is excessive tearing of their eyes. Many people are confused when they go to eye doctor Edmonton complaining of teary-eyed’s. And then walking away with a prescription for eyedrops.

However, the reason why people with dry eye syndrome have teary ice. Is because if they are not producing a good enough quality of tears.

As a response to the dry eyes that people are experiencing, the body sends an influx of tears to the area. However, since the tear quality is already poor. The tears the body sends will continue to be of poor quality. And is not going to help lubricate the eyes.

In fact, they are likely to cause the tears to fall right off the surface of the eye, and down a person’s face. Or will is that operate very quickly. Which will not help with the symptoms associated with dry eyes.

By understanding the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. Can help patients get the right treatment they need. To minimize symptoms and stay comfortable.