Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Most Asked Questions About Dry Eyes

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Most Asked Questions About Dry Eyes

When it comes to taking care of eyes, eye doctor Edmonton says many people think all they have to do is wear glasses, or change their contact lenses frequently. However, there are a lot more things that they need to do to ensure the health of their eyes.

In fact, according to the Alberta optometry Association. 90% of adults in Alberta are experiencing symptoms of dry eye.

The reason why many people are experiencing symptoms but do not quite know that. Is because not all symptoms are very obvious that it is dry eyes.

And people who are experiencing typical symptoms such as burning, itchy and red eyes. Often think that all they have to do is start using eyedrops in order to manage symptoms.

However, while eyedrops can be helpful. They should check with eye doctor Edmonton in order to determine what the best eyedrops are. Because some are much better than others.

By including more lubricating ingredients. And some even have anti-inflammatory properties that can help increase comfort in people suffering from dry eyes.

In fact, even though people may be self medicating with eyedrops. They should still get themselves to an eye doctor Edmonton, so that they can ensure that the cause behind their dry eyes is not something more serious. That needs different solution in how to fix.

Therefore, when it comes to dry eye syndrome, many people have a lot of questions that they want answers to.


One of the first things that people want to ask when it comes to dry eye syndrome. Is are there any diagnostic test available to diagnose dry eye syndrome?

There are a lot of different tests available to diagnose dry eye syndrome. The first thing that their doctor will do, is test the modality of their tears, in order to see if the tears are normal.

They also can measure tear production as well as tear evaporation rate. In order to determine if the tears are actually containing the oil needed to efficiently lubricate eyes.

The next thing that eye doctors will be up to do, is look at the cells of the cornea, in order to check the health of the eye. And finally, they did be able to look at the are producing glands and tear ducts themselves.

There is also the instances of tear producing glands or the tear ducts are blocked or swollen. And in some cases, can be damaged. Which will impact the ability to produce tears.

The next thing that many people want to know is how can they prevent developing dry eye syndrome for the future? Many things that they can do. From avoiding environmental factors, such as dry climates. Which can be combated with human fires.

However there are also things that they can do such as avoiding smoking inside if they smoke. To minimize the drying varmint that smoke causes. Or quitting smoking altogether, because that can impact dry eyes as well.

Also, if people get eyelash extensions they should stop, because it can damage tear ducts and glands. As well as dry out the eyes. And getting eyeliner tattoo can actually damage the glands that produce tears as well.

They should ensure that they are washing make up off their face every single night. And getting lots of waters that they are not dehydrated.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Most Asked Questions About Dry Eyes

There are many questions that people have about dry eye syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. Because there are a lot of sins symptoms as well as clauses.

One of the first questions that people have when it comes to dry eye syndrome, is what is dry eyes? Ultimately, this is not producing enough tears, and not producing good enough quality of tears to lubricate the surface of their eyes.

When it comes to not producing enough tears. That is self-explanatory. But when people do not have good enough quality tears. This makes the oil that helps keep the tears from evaporating quickly. And also helps keep the tears in the eyes.

In fact, tears are really important component to the health of eyes and to vision. Not only do tears help deliver nutrients to the eyes itself. It also helps flush away bacteria and foreign bodies from the eye.

But, it is an important function of helping people see clearly. Because the surface of the eye is rough. Having tears and keeping the eyes lubricated. Provides a smooth surface for the light to pass through.

This way, when the light passes through the surface of that I easily, people can see well. If it bounces off the roughness of the eye and refracts in different directions. This causes blurred or double vision.

The next question that people have for their eye doctor Edmonton. Is what are some symptoms of dry eye syndrome?


Since tears are important to people’s vision. One of the more common symptoms even though it is less are known. Is fluctuating vision. Such as blurred vision or double vision.

However, because it is fluctuating vision. People will notice that their vision is good at times. And then poor at other times says eye doctor Edmonton.

They might find that they have double or blurred vision at night the end of a long day. They might find that it is after prolonged exposure to computers, or cell phone or tablet use.

Or, they might notice that after they have had their eyes open for a while. That they end up getting blurred or double vision. These are telltale signs that it is dry eye syndrome.

The next thing that people need to know, is that symptoms of dry eyes can also include excessive tearing, as the body’s response to not having enough tears in the area. However the tears that they flood the eyes with our poor quality as well.

And finally, burning, itchy eyes and red eyes are other symptoms of dry eyes. Causing many people to say it feels like they have foreign bodies in their eyes. And feeling like the inside of their eyelids are made of sandpaper.

By understanding dry eye syndrome and what it is. As well as what the symptoms of this syndrome. People can end up understanding more about this syndrome that affects 90% of Albertans.