Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Minimizing Dry Eye Symptoms

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Minimizing Dry Eye Symptoms

The majority of adults are eventually going to experience dry eye syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. Not only due to environmental reasons. But also, because as people age, tear production gets worse.

Therefore, learning to not only understand what the symptoms are. But help people can proactively minimize those symptoms early. Can not only ensure that people’s eyes are healthy for a long time.

But can also help them avoid taking medication because they are managing their symptoms naturally. The sooner people are able to do this. The longer they are going to be able to maintain eye health.

People need to understand what it an important role their tears play in the health of their eyes. Tears actually provide nutrients to the front surface of a person’s eye. So that there I can remain healthy.

But also, tears can flush bacteria away from the eye, keeping it healthy. And also flushing foreign bodies from the eye such as dust, stray eyelashes, and other irritants.

In addition to that, eye doctor Edmonton says that tears can actually help people see clearly because of how it helps the light to reach the cornea easily.

In fact, light needs to pass through the surface of a person’s eye. And reach their cornea in order to send the information to the brain about what they are seeing.

Since the actual surface of the eye is very rough. When tears lubricate the eye, it provides a smooth surface. Which allows the light to pass through easily.


When this happens, the message that the cornea since the brain is going to be a clear one. Allowing people to see their surroundings easily.

However, eye doctor Edmonton says that if there is not enough lubrication, when light passes through the rough surface of the eye, light is actually refracted in a variety of different directions.

This ends up with the cornea sending the message to the brain that the vision is not clear. Because of all of the different paths the light talk to get to the cornea.

With how important tears are to the health of the eye and to vision. If people are having a difficult time producing enough tears. Or they are producing tears that are not a good quality.

Not only the health of their eye is in jeopardy. But their ability to see well is also going to be compromised. Therefore, people need to be able to understand what the symptoms of dry eye is.

So that they can make the necessary changes to their environment and lifestyle. As well is go see an optometrist quickly. In order to get assessed at how serious their condition is.

Common symptoms of dry eye syndrome include bread, burning and itchy eyes. As well as excessive tearing, and fluctuating, blurred, or double vision.

If people are experiencing any of these symptoms. They should make an eye appointment, because during the routine examination, there can be many diagnostic tests that can be done.

In order for an optometrist to diagnose dry eye syndrome. And help develop a treatment plan for those who are suffering.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Minimizing Dry Eye Symptoms

People who are experiencing dry eye syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. May not even realize that this is what their problem is. Because some of the symptoms are not obvious.

For example, people might have excessively teary eyes. And would never assume that the problem is they have dry eyes.

However, if they are not producing a good quality of tears. That does not have enough lubricating oil in it. Even though people have excessive tears. They could suffer from dry eyes.

As well, people who have blurred vision. Might think that their problem is that they need to start wearing glasses. Or that their problem is that they need a different prescription.

When the problem actually is their eyes are to dry. To be able to see clearly. Or that they see clearly only at some parts of their day.

There are a lot of different symptoms that could point to dry eye syndrome. But ultimately, if people are experiencing any problems in their eyes. They should make an appointment for eye doctor Edmonton.

Because there are many diagnostic tests available that can help diagnose a wide variety of problems associated with their eyes. The diagnostic tests available to diagnose dry eye syndrome.

Includes being able to look at the quality of the tears underneath the microscope. To determine the makeup of the tears. As well as measuring tear production and tear evaporation rate.

Eye doctor Edmonton can also look at the cells of the cornea to see if those are damaged. And look physically at the tear producing ducts and oil producing glands.


In some severe cases, the glands or ducts may be blocked, atrophying, or swollen. All of these things can cause tears to be prevented from coming out. Or causing the oil to be prevented from coming out. Producing poor quality tears.

Depending on the reason why a person has developed dry eye syndrome. Their optometrist is going to have of wide variety of different treatment options.

However, the first treatment option is always going to be in managing the symptoms. By changing the patient’s environment and lifestyle.

The reason why, is because even if they try medication. If they do not change a person’s environment first. Even medication may not be enough to minimize or eliminate the symptoms altogether.

Therefore, people with dry eye syndrome should start using a humidifier at home. And using a humidifier at work if that is at all possible. They also need to start drinking more water.

Because if they are dehydrated, it can cause them to not be able to produce tears. In addition to that, people should stop smoking. Or at least start smoking outside, where the smoke is not going to dry out their house.

In addition to that, if people are on a computer for excessive periods of time. The recommendation is for people to take breaks every twenty minutes for twenty seconds. In order to get something 20 feet away.

The reason why, is because when people are focusing on computers, they tend to blink less frequently. So by focusing on something farther way for just a few seconds. Can cause them to blink enough to avoid developing dry eye symptoms.