Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Dry Eyes

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Dry Eyes

It is very important for people who live in a dry climate to understand what all of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome is says eye doctor Edmonton. This is especially because the symptoms are not always what people expect. And can end up with some people suffering with symptoms for longer than is necessary.

People need to understand what the symptoms are of dry eye syndrome. And why those symptoms exist. In order to determine if they needs to go to their eye doctor Edmonton for treatment.

Some of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome are what many people would assume dry eyes feel like. Including having red, itchy and burning eyes. As well as feeling like they have a foreign body stuck in their eye that they cannot get out.

Often, people complain that it feels like their sandpaper on the inside of their eyelids. And can happen if they have been awake for a long time. If they are tired, have used a computer excessively. Or if they have been outside in a dry environment or smoky room.

Other symptoms however are less obvious. And can include blurred or double vision. This also can happen if they have been awake for a long period of time or are tired. Or can happen if they have been on a computer, tablet or phone for a long period of time.

In the last symptom that people need to be aware of that can point to dry eye syndrome. Is if people end up having excessive tearing of their eyes.

The reason why dry eye syndrome will cause people to have double or blurred vision. Is because how lubricated eyes can help people see properly. The lubrication on the eye provides a smooth surface for light to pass through.


So when light hits there eye to allow them to see. It will not reflect off of any bumps or valleys. Allowing people to see very easily. However, because the surface of the eye itself is very rough.

When there is not enough lubrication or tears on the eye. The light will refract off of all of the different bumps and grooves on the surface of the eye. Causing blurred or double vision.

The reason why dry eye syndrome will cause people to have access tearing of the eyes. Is because when people are not producing a good enough quality of tears. And that leads to symptoms of dry eye. The body will try to correct that.

And often will flood the area with tears, in an effort to fix the problem. Unfortunately says eye doctor Edmonton. If they are not able to produce good quality tears. The excess tears that the body sends to the area. Also be poor quality.

Because of this, many people are confused when they go to their eye doctor complaining of excessive tearing. Only to get prescribed eyedrops to correct their dry eye.

Helping people understand dry eye symptoms. Can ensure that they go to the doctor in a timely fashion. So that they can correct the problem. And be symptom-free, allowing them to see easily.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Dry Eyes

It is very important for people to learn about dry eye syndrome, especially in such a dry environment says eye doctor Edmonton. And according to the Alberta optometry Association. 90% of adults living in this province will experience symptoms of dry eyes.

Because of how dry the climate is in Alberta. People who are experiencing some of the symptoms of dry eyes should get a humidifier.

This can be a preventative measure to ensure that people do not end up developing and dry eye syndrome. And should be used often. Both at home and work if that is possible.

Other preventative measures that people can do in order to prevent developing dry eye syndrome. Includes ensuring that they wash off eye makeup at the end of every day.

Because makeup that stays on the face. Can cause tiered ducts to become blocked. Or causing hypertrophy in tier producing glands.

Eye doctor Edmonton also recommends against getting eyelash extensions. Because those can cause a person’s eyes to dry out. As well as cause damage to tiered ducts and tear glands. That will contribute to developing dry eye syndrome.

As well, they recommend against getting eyeliner tattoos. Because those can also damage tier producing glands and tear ducts.

Another great preventative measure. Is eating foods that are rich in omega-3. Because this will help the body produce the oil in tears that keep thighs lubricated.

If people cannot increase their omega-3 intake with diet. There are supplements that they can take on a regular basis. To help ensure the overall health of their eye.


And finally, one of the most important preventative measures that people should engage in. Is drinking lots of water. Because if people are hydrated, they will not be able to lubricate their eyes through tears.

However, despite all of these preventative measures. Many people still and up developing dry eye syndrome. And want to know how they can treat this problem.

One of the first things that they should do is visit eye doctor Edmonton. Who will have a wide variety of diagnostic tests available to determine what the cause of dry eye syndrome is in each patient.

Not only can they look at the modality of the tears to test if it is normal. They will also be able to measure tear production and tear evaporation rates in patients.

They will be able to use the stains and dies to give them the ability to look at tears underneath the microscope to determine if there is anything abnormal going on.

And they will physically look at the patients eyes. Such as their cornea, the tier producing glands and tear ducts. To determine if there is a physical problem that can be fixed.

Knowing the cause of the dry eye syndrome. Can help their optometrist give the right course of treatment. Whether that is helping a patient change their environment to minimize dry eyes. Or if they need to give medication designed to help fix a physical problem.

By understanding how to treat dry eye syndrome. People who are experiencing symptoms can get a lot of relief by visiting eye doctor Edmonton.