Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Dry Eye Syndrome

Even though many people suffer from dry eye syndrome as they become adults says eye doctor Edmonton. Not everybody is aware of this. Because a lot of the symptoms that are associated with this syndrome. Are not as obvious as people assume.

In fact, according to the Alberta optometry Association, 90% of adults in Alberta experienced symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Learning how to combat the symptoms is extremely important. Especially in a dry climate.

In order to understand the symptoms of dry eye syndrome, people need to know what dry eye syndrome is. This is when a body does not produce enough tears, or they do not produce good quality tears.

The reason why people need tears, is in order to lubricate the surface of their eyes. The body produces an oil that is in the tears, that are used to lubricate the eye itself.

This lubrication will help provide nutrients to the surface of the eyes. As well as help flush away foreign bodies and bacteria. But most importantly, the lubrication provides a smooth surface for light to pass through. So that people can see clearly.

If people do not produce enough tears, or if they do not produce enough of the oil to produce good quality tears. What happens, is that people will end up with blurred vision.

Because if the surface of the eye is not lubricated, it is rough, which will cause light to bounce around as it passes through the surface of the eye.

This is why, when many people are complaining to their eye doctor Edmonton that they cannot see clearly. And they assume that they need a new prescription. The cause is actually dry eye syndrome.


As well, if a person does not have enough tears, or good quality tears to keep the eye lubricated. The bodies reflex is to send excessive tears to the person’s eyes.

Unfortunately, these tears will not have the oil that actually lubricates the eyes. Which causes the tears to either run straight out of the person’s eyes without lubricating them. Or it causes the tears to evaporate quickly.

Either way, when patients complain to their doctor that they have excessively teary eyes. There often very surprised when they get a prescription of eyedrops to fix the watery eyes.

By understanding what dry eye syndrome is, can help explain some of the symptoms that people have. That do not automatically point to having dry eyes.

Luckily however, there are many treatments available for dry eye syndrome. And depending on the cause of dry eye syndrome, can help eye doctor Edmonton get the right treatment for people who are suffering with this syndrome.

For example, some of the causes of dry eye syndrome is that they have got blocked tear ducts, or the glands that produce the oil have started to atrophy, means the tissue is dying. Or there is a hypertrophy in the glands, which means there is swelling. That causes the glands to be blocked.

Warm compresses, and medicated eyedrops can help fix these problems. And can result in a person’s tear quality increasing, so that they can actually have lubricated eyes with their tears again.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Learning About Dry Eye Syndrome

Even though dry eye syndrome is extremely common, especially in dry climates like Alberta says eye doctor Edmonton. Many people still do not know what it is, what the causes are. Or what they can do to treat their symptoms.

When patients have gone to their optometrist, complaining of a lot of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Such as excessive tearing, burning, itchy or red eyes. As well as having blurred vision.

They are often very surprised to hear that they have what is called dry eye syndrome. And at the first thing that their optometrist recommends is changing the patient’s environment. And making some lifestyle changes to minimize symptoms.

Patients are often surprised, because they have often gone to eye doctor Edmonton in order to get a new prescription. Because they think that there eyeglasses no longer work.

However, in many cases, making some modifications to a patient’s lifestyle and environment. Can minimize their symptoms enough to not need further treatment.

This includes in getting a humidifier, especially if they live in a dry climate like Alberta. And ideally, the humidifier should be at home and at work if possible.

In addition to that, if patients smoke they are often asked to stop. Or to not smoke indoors, as that can cause dry eye symptoms.

If patients are using computers excessively. Either at home or work or both. Eye doctor Edmonton often asks them to eliminate as much computer use as possible.

And for the rest of the time, taking breaks every twenty minutes. To focus on something 20 feet away for twenty seconds.


The reason why they recommend this, is because when patients are looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time. Their eyes are focused extremely close up, and causes the eyes to work extremely hard. Causing them to dry out.

In addition to those changes, it is also recommended people drinking lots of water. Because if they are dehydrated, that can impact the body’s ability to make tears.

As well as eating foods that are rich in omega-3, or taking omega-3 supplements. Because this is beneficial to the oil in peoples tears that actually lubricates the eyes.

However, if these are not enough changes to help manage the symptoms of dry eye syndrome in patients. They may be given eyedrops to use to lubricate their eyes.

And some have anti-inflammatory properties. Or even medication that can help a body produce the oil that will make the tears have lubricating qualities.

In some cases, the reason why people are not producing tears is because they have blocked tear ducts, or swelling in their ducts, that causes them to not be able to produce tears.

In this case, one suggestion is to use a warm compresses, because heat on the glands can help them open up, to start producing tears again.

Since there are so many things that can be done to minimize symptoms of dry eye syndrome. People can be proactive in ensuring that they have created a great environment to ensure that their eyes are healthy. To delay the onset of dry eye syndrome.

And once they have developed this chronic condition. They need to ensure that they continue to manage it on a long term basis in order to ensure that they can see and are comfortable for many years.