Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Frequently Asked Dry Eye Questions

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Frequently Asked Dry Eye Questions

There are many questions that patients often have when they hear about dry eye syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. Mostly because people with dry eyes do not always have the most obvious symptoms.

When they hear about this syndrome, they want to know is much as they can. So that they know if they experience these issues. They can get to their eye doctor Edmonton quickly.

The first question that patients have about dry eye syndrome. Is what is dry eyes? Dry eyes happens when person is unable to produce enough tears. Or the quality of tears that they produce is poor.

What makes a poor quality of tears. Is not having the oil necessary to help keep the eye lubricated. Without this oil, tears free flow of from a person’s eyes, so that it is unable to keep the eye lubricated long enough.

Also, this oil prevents the tears from his operating from a person’s eye. Help keeping it lubricated for longer.

Either of these problems either not producing enough tears and not producing a high enough quality of tears. Can result in dry eye syndrome.

The next question that people have is what are some symptoms of dry eye syndrome? Some of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome are very obvious. Such as having read, Ernie and itchy eyes. Or having a sensation that there are foreign bodies in the eye. Or that their eyelids are made of sandpaper on the inside.


However while these are the most common symptoms. There are other symptoms that can indicate dry eye as well. But are less obvious for people who do not know the symptoms. This includes blurred or double vision. As well as excessive tearing of the eyes.

Many people are very surprised when they go to eye doctor Edmonton because they think they need a new eyeglasses prescription. And end up with eyedrops. Or, they go to their eye doctor because they have extremely watery eyes. And end up getting prescribed lubricating eyedrops.

However, the reason why dry eye causes these symptoms. Is how the eye works. When it comes to blurred vision, the light goes into a person’s eye, in order to allow them to see.

Since the surface of a person’s eye is very rough and uneven. This can cause the lights to be referred for acted in a bunch of different ways. Causing a person to have blurred or double vision.

However, this is why a person needs lubricated eyes. Is because that ensures that the surface of their eye is smooth. Which will allow light to pass through the eye without refracting. So that they can see clearly.

When it comes to excessive tearing. The reason this happens says eye doctor Edmonton. Is because the allies become dry, which causes the body to want to fix the situation. And sends a flood of tears to the eyes to lubricate them.

Unfortunately, these quality of tears are poor as well. Causing a person to have teary eyes. Without helping lubricate their eyes.

Therefore, understanding the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. As well as why those symptoms persist. Is very important to helping people get the right diagnosis.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Frequently Asked Dry Eye Questions

Many people have a lot of questions about dry eyes says eye doctor Edmonton. Especially in an extremely dry climate like Alberta. In fact, according to the Alberta optometry Association. 90% of adults experience symptoms of dry eye at some point in their life.

When it comes to dry eye symptoms. Patients also have a lot of questions, that can help them understand syndrome as well as the symptoms. One of the first questions that eye doctors get is what are some causes for dry eye syndrome?

There are many different things that can contribute to dry eye syndrome. From environmental factors such as dry climate, or smoky environment. There can be physical causes such as people who are suffering from medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease and other inflammatory conditions.

As well as if people have blocked tear ducts, atrophy in their tear producing glands. Or have hyper trophy in those glands causing swelling. Which also can block those glands.

There can be lifestyle choices that cause dry eye syndrome. Such as being dehydrated from not drinking enough water. And not eating enough foods with omega-3. And people who get eyelash extensions, eyeliner tattoos, or who smoke. Can all develop dry eye syndrome very easily.

The next question that people often have is are there any diagnostic tests available to diagnose dry eye syndrome? Eye doctor Edmonton has a lot of tests at their disposal that can help diagnose dry eye syndrome.


And while listening to the symptoms is often enough to make a diagnosis. The diagnostic tests exist. In order to help an optometrist understand why the patient has developed dry eye syndrome. So that they can treat the reason why they have developed dry eye syndrome. Instead of just the symptoms.

The diagnostic tests that eye doctor will use include testing the modality of the tears to see if the tears are normal. Because effective, lubricated tears have oil in them.

They also can look at a patient’s tear production to see if it is normal, low or excessive. As well as look at the tear of evaporation rates. Because the oil that is in tears helps keep it from evaporating as quickly.

Drs. can also use stains and dies to look at tears underneath the microscope. To be able to determine what is going on. As well as looking directly at the cells of the cornea, and physically checking the tear producing glands and ducts.

The results of the diagnostic tests. Will help determine if people should merely treat the symptoms such as getting a humidifier in dry climates and drinking lots of water. Or if they need to actually treat blocked ducts, or swollen glands.

The sooner that people find out if they have dry eye syndrome. The sooner they can get treatment, and stop living with the headache of dry eyes.