Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Fluctuating Vision a Symptom of Dry Eyes

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Fluctuating Vision a Symptom of Dry Eyes

When people experience fluctuating vision, they may not realize that that is a symptom associated with dry eye syndrome according to eye doctor Edmonton. They often assume there is many different causes. And do not get it checked out in time.

Fluctuating vision might mean that people have good vision in the morning and poor vision at night. Or even have that reversed, with fluctuating vision in the morning, and good vision at night.

Or, they might find that they have fluctuating vision throughout the day. Such as if they are doing close-up work, or are on the computer for an excessive amount of time.

They might find that at the end of their workday, when they get in their car to drive home. That they cannot see the road, because their vision is very blurry.

Or they might find that their vision becomes double at different points of the day. Making them assume that they are tired and need more sleep.

Therefore, eye doctor Edmonton says they go home and take a nap or go to bed. And wake up with clear vision again. Making them think that their problem is sleep deprivation. When that is not the case at all.

People who are experiencing fluctuating vision throughout their day. Should consider that their problem may be dry eye syndrome and not sleep deprivation at all.

Because as a person experiences dry eyes, that affects how the light gets through there I to the cornea. And can affect significantly their vision. Giving them blurred or double vision throughout the day.


In fact, the reason why it fluctuates. Is because different activities that can cause dry eye symptoms to show up at different intervals.

For example, when people are on a computer for excessive amounts of time. This can cause their eyes to dry out. The reason why, is because people tend to blink only half is often when they are working on a computer.

Therefore, eye doctor Edmonton makes the recommendation that patients who are working on a computer. For more than twenty minutes should take ample breaks.

The brakes that they are recommending people take our every twenty minutes. And focus on something that 20 feet away for twenty seconds.

That is not a lot of time, and should not interrupt a person’s day that much. But by doing that. Can cause a person to stop focusing so closely. And get them to blink often enough. To eliminate symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Even if people are on electronics at home. Optometrists often make the suggestion of having a break every twenty minutes. To stare at something 20 feet away for twenty seconds.

And that includes computer, phone and tablet use. As well as using a television, if their television is not 20 feet away.

By understanding that fluctuating vision is a symptom of dry eyes. Can help people take the right preventative measures they need. In order to minimize the amount of dry eye symptoms they get.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Fluctuating Vision a Symptom of Dry Eyes

Over 90% of adults in Alberta are going to experience symptoms of dry eye says eye doctor Edmonton. Although many people are not aware that they suffer from this chronic condition. Because the symptoms are not as obvious as they might think.

While some symptoms of dry eye syndrome include eyes that are burning, itchy, or read. Or have people feel like there are foreign bodies in their eye, or feeling like their eyelids are made of sandpaper.

Those are the most obvious symptoms. But fluctuating vision is another symptom that people need to be aware of. In fact, they make an appointment with eye doctor Edmonton because of fluctuating vision.

But do not realize that this is caused by dry eyes instead of needing a new prescription. The telltale sign that this is not a case where people need to upgrade to their eyeglass or contact lens prescription.

Is if people have good vision at some parts of their day. Interspersed with parts of their day when they have blurred or double vision.

They might find that they have blurred vision after using a computer. Or they have blurred vision after spending their entire workday on a jobsite outside.

The reason why people have fluctuating vision as a symptom of dry eye syndrome. Because as the dye dries out, it affects their vision. And when they are able to lubricate their eyes, they are able to see fine.

Therefore, eye doctor Edmonton makes a lot of recommendations on what people who are suffering from fluctuating vision can do. In order to avoid having dry eye syndrome.


First, they might want to use a humidifier at home, and at work if that is possible. As well as getting enough fluid intake. Because being dehydrated can cause people to not be able to produce enough tears.

In addition to that, they recommend people who spend time on computers or electronics. To either limit as much of that time as possible. Or to take frequent breaks, so that they can get into the habit of blinking.

They also should limit some common eye written’s. Such as avoiding getting eyelash extensions. Stop smoking, or at least stop smoking inside where it can cause people to dry out their eyes.

If after making these environmental and lifestyle changes. A person does not experience enough relief from fluctuating vision. Their optometrist is likely going to prescribe lubricating and medicated eyedrops.

Some are simply lubricating. Other eyedrops also have anti-inflammatory properties. That can minimize swelling that can contribute to dry eye syndrome.

And some of the medicated eyedrops include medication that can actually help a person produce more and better quality tears.

Eyedrops are especially beneficial for people who have medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease or inflammatory conditions. Because those conditions can cause dry eye syndrome.

Ultimately, if a person is experiencing fluctuating vision. They should always make an appointment with their optometrist. And get diagnostic tests done to determine what is the cause of their eye issues.