Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Excessive Tears a Symptom of Dry Eyes

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Excessive Tears a Symptom of Dry Eyes

The majority of adults are going to experience dry eye symptoms in their lifetime says eye doctor Edmonton. And when those adults are living in an extremely dry climate, there are going to be more people affected.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by the Alberta optometry Association. 90% of adults in Alberta experience symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.

However, the fact that the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. Are less obvious than many people think. Which cause people to not get the help that they need as quickly as they need it.

Or thinking that the problem that they are having is attributed to something different. And what they do to help their symptoms and up doing nothing.

When such symptom is when people have excessive tears in their eyes. Is actually a symptom of dry eye syndrome. Many people may not realize it, and end up living with the symptoms for longer than they should.

In fact, they often only get diagnosed at their routine eye exam. When there eye doctor Edmonton sees that they are suffering with this affliction. And diagnosed as having dry eye syndrome.

And this is confuses a lot of people, why they are given lubricating eyedrops. When they are experiencing excessive tearing in their eyes.

To understand why, people need to understand what the job of tears are. And how they help lubricate the eyes.


In order for tears to be able to do their job of lubricating the eye. There needs to be something in the tears that keeps the tears from evaporating quickly.

There also needs to be something in the tears that keeps the tears in the eyes. So that the tears do not simply roll out of the eyes and down a person’s face.

This is why the body also produces an oil, whose job is to mix with the tears. In order to do both of those jobs. Keep the tears in the eyes, and to keep the tears from evaporating quickly.

However, there are many different things that could cause a person to not produce this oil. When that happens, their body starts experiencing the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

And is a reflexive action, produces more tears in a person’s eyes. To combat to the dry eye syndrome. Unfortunately, because the problem is a lack of oil that actually lubricate the eyes.

The extra tears do not help. And a person continues to experience symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Which causes the body to send more tears to the area. Leading to excessive tearing, because the tears are not lubricating the eyes.

Therefore, if people are experiencing excessive tears in their eyes. They should make an appointment with eye doctor Edmonton. In order to get checked for dry eye syndrome. To find out how they can increase oil production in their tears.

The sooner people do this, the sooner they can avoid living with the frustration of having excessively teary eyes. And start living comfortably and seeing well again.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Excessive Tears a Symptom of Dry Eyes

It might be unusual for people to assume that excessive tears is caused by dry eyes says eye doctor Edmonton. But this is typically the case when people complain that their eyes are watery.

The reason why people are experiencing watery eyes. Is because they do not have a good enough quality of tears to lubricate their eyes.

There can be several different reasons why a person would not have this oil in their tears. But ultimately it is either because their body is not producing it. Or there is something wrong with their oil producing glands.

Especially as people age, their tear producing ducts, and oil producing glands can start to atrophy, or even hyper trophy, which causes the oil producing glands to not work properly.

People who are experiencing inflammatory conditions, thyroid disease or rheumatoid arthritis also might have problems producing the oil that their body needs in their tears.

As well, depending on the tape of medication that people are on. Can cause this oil to not be produced, or affect their glands, so that the oil cannot merge with the tears.

In addition to that, eye doctor Edmonton says it can also be a lack of Omega threes in a person’s diet. And Omega threes are commonly found in fish. Especially fatty fish such as salmon.

If people are not getting enough omega-3 in their diet, they might want to think about taking a supplement in order to increase the omega-3 in their body. So that they can produce that oil that is needed to lubricate their tears.


However, not all of these things can help. And often require eye doctor Edmonton prescribing medicated eyedrops. That not only can lubricate their eye.

But can also be anti-inflammatory so that if there oil producing glands have swollen. They can reduce the swelling, and have them work again.

But also, some prescription eyedrops can contain medication that encourages the body to produce the oil on its own again. So that with use, people can start to produce the oil on their own so that they need less medication in the future.

Something else that is also extremely important to know. Is when people get eyeliner tattooed on. This can end up damaging tear ducts and oil producing glands. That will cause people to not be able to tear.

Or cause people to be able to tear, but not produce the oil needed to lubricate their eyes. Therefore, people may wish to avoid getting eyeliner tattooed on. Because this can permanently damage their ability to make tears. Requiring them to stay on medication for the rest of their life.

Dry eye syndrome is a lot more common than many people assume. And if people are experiencing excessive tears in their eyes. They may not even realize that it is a symptom associated with dry eye syndrome.

By seeing their optometrist on a regular basis. They can help diagnose problems that they might not even realize they have. Because most of the diagnostic tests for dry eye syndrome. Is just a regular part of a routine eye exam.