Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dry Eyes Are Common in Alberta

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dry Eyes Are Common in Alberta

Since environment is such a huge contribute in fact to dry eye syndrome, eye doctor Edmonton says Albertans experience dry eye. At a much higher rate than other adults in the rest of Canada. Because the climate is so dry here.

In fact, according to the Alberta optometry Association, 90% of adults in Alberta will experience symptoms associated with dry eye.

But what is dry eye exactly? This is a syndrome named for a variety of symptoms. And ultimately, the problem is one of two things.

Either person is not producing enough tears. Or the tears that they do produce are not of a good quality to actually lubricate the surface of a patient’s eyes.

People could end up not producing enough tears, because they are dehydrated, or because they have blocked tear ducts.

And when people are not producing a good enough quality of tears. They might find that they have excessive tearing. But because there is not enough lubricating oil in their tears.

The tears will either run off the front surface of their eyes, or evaporate too fast. And so even if they end up with excessively teary eyes, they still might be suffering from symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Tears are of vital process to the health of people’s eyes according to eye doctor Edmonton. Not only do they provide nutrients to the front surface of the eyes.


But they also flush bacteria that could cause problems away from the eye. And flush irritants out of the eye, in an efficient manner.

As well as provide a smooth surface for light to pass through. Since the surface of the eye is actually very rough. When light passes through the surface of the eye, it could bounce off of the rough surface. Which causes a blurry vision.

However, a well lubricated I will provide a smooth surface for the light to pass through. So that the light does not bounce off in a lot of different directions. And creates clear vision for people.

This is why people who are experiencing dry eye syndrome may complain that they have fluctuating vision. Or that they have blurred vision or double vision some of the time.

Other symptoms that people need to to be aware of, or feeling like they have a foreign body in their eye that they can get rid of. Or feeling like the inside of their eyelids are made of sandpaper.

They could also have red, itchy and burning eyes. As well as excessively teary eyes. Because if there eyes are still experiencing symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Their body will flood the area with tears to fix the problem. But if they are not producing a good enough quality of tears. This does nothing, and the body will continue to send tears to the area.

Therefore, if anyone is experiencing symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. They should make an appointment with their eye doctor Edmonton right away. So that they can get a proper assessment of why they have dry eye syndrome. And get the appropriate treatment for this issue.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dry Eyes Are Common in Alberta

The very dry environment that people experience in Alberta can cause dry eye syndrome according to eye doctor Edmonton. And in fact, adults in this province experience symptoms at a much higher rate. Then other adults throughout Canada.

However, a dry environment are not the only causes of dry eye syndrome. People can end up with this affliction. If they smoke a lots, especially in their house. Because that smoke can create dryness.

If they work in an environment that has a lot of smoke or fumes. If people are using their computer excessively. Such as people who use a computer eight hours a day at work. Or people who use computers or any electronic devices recreationally.

As well, age can be a factor of dry eye syndrome. Because tear production gets worse as people age. And even having some medical conditions can cause dry eye syndrome.

If people have rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, or any other inflammatory conditions. They might find that they are also experiencing symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Controlling their medical conditions can be an important factor in addressing the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. As well, people need to understand that different medications can also cause symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

If people are experiencing symptoms of dry eye syndrome. While they should make an appointment with eye doctor Edmonton. The first thing that their doctors going to recommend is changing their environment. To minimize symptoms before they start any course of medication.

One of the most important things that they do, is either limiting computer time whenever possible. Or if they are unable to limit computer time. For example if they use it to eight hours a day for work.


Then what they should do, is get into the habit of taking a computer break every twenty minutes. In order to look at something 20 feet away for twenty seconds.

What this does, is it gets people focusing on something that is farther away. Because people who use computers tend to blink less frequently than is necessary.

Other changes in a person’s environment can include limiting exposure to smoke, stop getting eyelash extensions, and people should avoid getting eyeliner tattoos. Is this can actually damage the tear ducts and oil producing glands.

People can also get a lot more fluid intake during their day. Because a lot of the reason why people are experiencing dry eye syndrome is because they are dehydrated.

But also increasing the amount of omega-3’s in their diet can be beneficial. Simply because omega-3’s help a body produce the oil that lubricates tears.

They can even use a humidifier, or apply a warm compress to their eyes at night, or even throughout the day. In order to help open up the glands that are necessary to produce tears.

If people have made all of these environmental changes. And there still experiencing dry eye syndrome. Their eye doctor Edmonton has a lot of different treatments that they can prescribe.

Such as lubricating eyedrops that contain medication and anti-inflammatories that can treat dry eye syndrome directly.