Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dry Eye Syndrome is a Chronic Condition

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dry Eye Syndrome is a Chronic Condition

Many people may not realize that the symptoms associated with dry eye is an actual syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. Or, that the symptoms that they are experiencing is even attributed to dry eyes in the first place.

In fact, the Alberta optometry Association did a survey and found that 90% of adults in Alberta. Are experiencing symptoms of dry eye. Because the climate is dry, which can contribute significantly to patients developing this chronic condition.

The first thing that people need to understand is what dry eye syndrome is. This is when a patient’s body is not able to produce enough tears to lubricate their eyes. Or, the body is not producing a good quality of tears. So that the eyes are not being lubricated.

Eye doctor Edmonton says that tears are an extremely important component to eye health as well as vision. Because not only do tears provide nutrients to the front surface of a patient’s eye. They also are responsible for flushing away bacteria and debris.

But most importantly, tears provide a smooth surface relate to pass through. That will allow people to see clearly. If their eyes are not lubricated enough, the eye cannot pass easily through the surface of the eye. Causing people to have blurred vision.

If people are experiencing dry eye syndrome, they can experience a wide variety of symptoms. That they might not associate with having dry eyes. Including excessive tearing.

The reason why patients might have excessive tearing. Is it is a reflex to not having enough or good quality tears. The body has a reflex to send extra tears to the eyes, because they are too dry.


But the problem is that these reflexive tears are not lubricating, so the body keeps making these tears. That it does not help the problem. This is why many people who are complaining to eye doctor Edmonton about excessive tearing. Often get diagnosed with dry eye syndrome.

Other symptoms that typically indicate dry eye syndrome include burning, itchy and red eyes. As well as the sensation of having foreign bodies in the eye, often described as feeling like sandpaper.

Anytime patients complain of these symptoms to their eye doctor. During their regular eye exam, they can perform a wide variety of diagnostic tests. That can help diagnose dry eye syndrome.

This includes taking a history of the patient, testing the modality of the tears to determine if they are normal. As well as measuring tear production and tear evaporation rate.

Optometrists can look at the tears underneath the microscope as well as look at the cells of a patient’s cornea. And often, they will also check the glands of the patient’s eyes, that produce tears.

They often find that there is a swelling in those glands, that affect a patient’s ability to produce tears. Or they will even see atrophy in the tear producing glands, that cause the ducts to be blocked.

There are many treatments available for blocked or swollen glands. As well as many other treatments for a wide variety of causes of dry eye syndrome.

If patients are experiencing any of the symptoms, they should contact their optometrist right away. Because they can easily get treatments that can minimize or eliminate the symptoms that they are experiencing.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Dry Eye Syndrome is a Chronic Condition

Even though the majority of adults in Alberta experience the symptoms associated with dry eye says eye doctor Edmonton. Fewer patients are getting treated for it, because they may not realize what is causing their symptoms.

One of the first things that will happen when a patient gets diagnosed with dry eye syndrome. Is changing as many environmental factors in their life as possible.

Since dry eye syndrome is extremely common in Alberta due to the dry climate. Patients can start using humidifiers at home and at work. In order to produce an environment that can help lubricate their eyes.

Other environmental factors include smoke, fumes and excessive computer use. If people are smoking, or live in a home with smokers. Quitting smoking, or stopping smoking indoors can minimize symptoms.

Even people who use computers excessively. Can minimize their computer use. As well as take breaks often enough. In order to minimize symptoms.

The amount of breaks that eye doctor Edmonton suggests for people who use computers. Is every twenty minutes, take a twenty second break. And focus on something 20 feet away.

This can help patients avoid focusing their eyes close up. That can cause their eyes to dry out, and develop symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

However, if the environmental changes are not enough to combat the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. There are other treatments that there eye doctor Edmonton can recommend.


However, environmental changes are the first thing to address. The reason why, is because if a patient takes on other treatments, if they do not first change the environmental factors. The treatment might not be successful.

One of the first things that they will try after changing environmental factors. Is using over-the-counter eye lubricants. There are so many different types of over-the-counter eye lubricants, and some are better than others.

Their optometrist will recommend the type that patients should purchase. With a lot of lubricating properties, as well as I lubricants that have anti-inflammatories in them.

In addition to that, patients often find a lot of help with increasing their omega-3 intake. And if they cannot increase it enough naturally in their diet. Taking an omega-3 supplement can be very helpful.

This will encourage a patient’s body to produce more oil, that will lubricate their tears. So that over time, the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome can go away.

If these treatments do not work, they can get a prescription for eyedrops that contain medication, that can encourage the body to produce more and better quality tears itself.

Regardless of what treatment options the patient is recommended. Because dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition. They are likely going to have to maintain some treatment on a long-term basis.

Patients who are experiencing discomfort because of symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. Should make an appointment with their optometrist right away. So that they can get the diagnosis they need. To get treatment quickly.