Eye Doctor Edmonton | Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Computer Vision Syndrome

Not only do 50 to 90% of computer users suffer from vision syndromes according to eye doctor Edmonton. Recent studies have shown that this number is actually on the rise. Especially in the dry climate that we are in an Alberta.

So while these numbers already seem very high, more people are actually suffering from symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome. There are a wide variety of different symptoms that can present in this syndrome. And the more time that people spend on digital devices, the more likely that they will have more symptoms.

Most of the people who suffer from computer vision syndrome use computers at their workplace. As well as going home and then spending time on digital devices whether it is computers, tablets or cell phones. And even people who are using digital devices to do reading.

As well as watching television and playing video games increases the probability of developing symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome. Eye doctor Edmonton says that the average adult spends over twelve hours every single day on computers and electronic devices.

And more children than ever before are spending more time on computers and digital devices. Which means more children than ever before are being diagnosed as having computer vision syndrome.


Computer vision syndrome is caused by prolonged work close up. Such as when people are using a computer, or digital device. The eye muscles have to focus, which means they are working extremely hard. And when people are using any muscles for a long period of time, they get fatigued.

People will often find that when they are using a computer for a long period of time. When they look away from the computer, or go to drive home at the end of their day. That they have blurred vision. This is because once the eye muscles have been focusing for so long. It takes a long time for them to relax.

Common symptoms that people often have when they develop computer vision syndrome includes eyestrain, eye fatigue and headaches. As well as blurry vision and double vision. When it comes to vision, it could either be blurred or double vision while using the computer. Or when stepping away from the electronic device.

Other symptoms of computer vision syndrome can include dry eyes, which include red, burning or stinging eyes. Having excessive tearing in the eyes, as well as fluctuating vision.

One thing that significantly increases the chances of getting computer vision syndrome is blue violet light. This is a type of light that is admitted from computers as well as electronic devices. And together with all of the close-up work on computers and digital devices. Creates a situation where is very common for people to get computer vision syndrome.

Ultimately, the best treatment for computer vision syndrome is prevention according to eye doctor Edmonton. And while it may be impossible for a lot of people to completely eliminate their use of computers and digital devices. Significantly minimizing their use can be very helpful in minimizing or eliminating their symptoms.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Computer Vision Syndrome

Four adults and children who spend hours a day on digital devices, eye doctor Edmonton says they are at risk for computer vision syndrome. Adults who spend 10 to 12 hours or more every day on computers or digital devices are susceptible. And in children, spending more than two hours per day can cause them to develop symptoms related to computer vision syndrome.

Often, children are expected to spend more time on computers both at school, and when doing homework. And many children have hobbies that include games on digital devices. That can add to their overall time spent on computers and electronics.

With adults, most of the people diagnosed with computer vision syndrome spend all or most of their day on computers at work. And then come home and spend even more time on electronics either playing video games or watching television.

With computer vision syndrome, the best treatment is actually prevention according to eye doctor Edmonton. But it is not always practical advice. Especially as adults need to do their job. And children need to do their schoolwork.

Therefore, eye doctor Edmonton has a lot of people who are asking for treatments that do not involve completely abstaining from electronic devices. There are several things that people can do to help them minimize symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome.

One of the first things that people can do to minimize symptoms. Or if they have not started experiencing symptoms. But spend a lot of time on computers or digital devices. Is taking breaks often.


A good rule of thumb is to adhere to the twenty, twenty, twenty rule. Which is for every twenty minutes of work on a digital device. A person should take twenty seconds to look at something 20 feet away.

This can help unfocused the eyes a lot easier, to prevent them from feeling strained. And can minimize or eliminate a lot of symptoms.

For children, the rule is for every twenty or thirty minutes of time on a digital device. They should do an activity away from the computer that will have them looking at things 20 feet away. Ideally, outside because everything should be 20 feet away they go outside.

In addition to taking a lot of breaks, eye doctor Edmonton can prescribe a variety of different lenses for people to wear. And lens coatings that can help. For example, there can be a coding put on peoples eyeglass lenses. That can block the blue violet light that can cause eyestrain.

For people who already where glasses. They can get glasses that are designed for use on a computer. That can minimize eyestrain associated with close-up work.

For people who do not already where eyeglasses, they can get glasses that are similar to reading glasses. But are designed for computer usage that can help minimize life fatigue.

While it is not practical for all people to avoid all computers and digital devices. Knowing how to minimize or treat the symptoms is extremely helpful in ensuring that people will have their vision for many years to come.