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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Optometrists Can Help Heal a Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Optometrists Can Help a Concussion

Many people may not think to immediately call an eye doctor Edmonton if they have suffered from a concussion. But this can be very helpful. Because one part of the brain that might get injured during a concussion is the visual system.

In fact, the visual system has three hundred neural connections in the brain. As well as thirty-two different centres of the brain that deals with vision. This can present and a variety of different ways. That an eye doctor Edmonton can be familiar with.

Therefore, if people have suffered from a concussion. They might want to be aware of how their visual system can be affected.

These symptoms might show up anywhere between directly after the event. Up to a week or we can half after the injury. They also might be very obviously related to the visual system. But they might not necessarily be.

A concussion patient might have cognitive fatigue. Which causes them to want to rest their brain. They might find it difficult to concentrate, have a hard time reading, and might want to limit their time on digital devices. Or limit the time watching television.

They might be modifying their behaviour. Such as increasing the font on their computer, or on their phone or electronic tablet. And they might decrease brightness on cell phone and tablets.


The direct symptoms that they might have could include things like dry eye, or eyestrain. And they might have problems with their vision. Such as having double vision or blurred vision. However these are not the only symptoms that are related to a damaged visual system.

Patients should also be weary of symptoms such as hypersensitivity to motion that they can see out of their periphery. As well as an increased motion sickness, dizziness or nausea, and balance issues.

These are very last obviously related to the visual system says eye doctor Edmonton. But because the visual system is required for many different brain functions. Such as walking. This is how it manifests itself.

If a patient is suffering from some of these symptoms, or all of them. They should get themselves to an eye doctor that has training in neuro- rehabilitation. Because they will be able to do an examination different from a routine eye evaluation.

The doctor will be able to check many visual efficiencies such as eye tracking and I focus. While finding out about their motion sensitivity, or balance problems. The sooner a concussion patient can talk to an optometrist. The sooner they are going to be able to find out if they have damaged their visual system. And then what they can do to heal from it.

However, many people who have suffered a concussion may think that they are symptom-free. Because there symptoms did not show up immediately.

And sometimes, people are not even aware that they have a concussion. Because their injury was so mild. Or because they did not hit their head. However, anyone who has injured themselves, and then even a week or so later found that they had some of these symptoms. Should get checked out immediately.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Optometrists Can Help Heal a Concussion

One of the most frightening parts about getting a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. Is the fact that it can damage several different parts of a person’s brain. What a concussion is, is a brain injury. That happens because a brain hits the inside of a person’s skull.

The reason why this brain injury happens. Is because a person has had their head move at such a velocity, that when it stopped, the brain inside the skull did not stop moving.

This is very common in injuries to the head. But not all head injuries results in a concussion. And not all concussions require head injury to occur.

For example, a person might hit a wall with their body. Which causes their head to snap in one direction very quickly. And although they did not hit their head, that motion they made with their head, caused the brain inside their skull to hit the inside of the skull.

Because any part of the brain can hit any part of the skull. The symptoms that people will experience because of the concussion. May be extremely varied. Some of those symptoms can indicates that a person has damaged their visual system.

However, this often goes undiagnosed. Especially for the first while. Because not all symptoms are very obviously related to their vision.


This is often discovered when a patient is working with a variety of other we have doctors. Such as an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, or a psychologist. They might find that a patient’s progression is not as pronounced as they were hoping. Which could indicate that they are not able to heal. Because that is not the part of the brain that is injured.

At this point, they can find an eye doctor that has training in neuro- rehabilitation. To get an assessment. The doctor will be able to figure out if it is the visual system part of the brain that is damaged in a patient. And then the rehabilitation doctors along with the eye doctor Edmonton. Can work collaboratively to figure out a way to heal the patient.

The eye doctor Edmonton will come up with a neuro-optometric rehabilitation vision therapy program. That can help improve the efficiency of the visual system to heal it. While treating the symptoms with various lenses that can reduce or eliminate symptoms.

By working together, the doctors along with the optometrist will be able to  come up with a treatment plan that is going to be able to heal a patient’s brain. So that they can not only get back to work or school. But so that they can minimize their risk of future concussions that could carry greater consequences.

The sooner a patient can get treatment for their brain injuries. The sooner they can get the appropriate care. And heal their brain completely from this injury.