Eye Doctor Edmonton | Computer Use Causes Eye Strain

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Computer Use Causes Eye Strain

The eyestrain that is results from prolonged use of computers and other digital devices is called computer vision syndrome according to eye doctor Edmonton. It is actually a collection of a variety of symptoms. That can present in patients in a multitude of ways.

While anyone who is doing close-up work can develop eyestrain. That is caused when there eyes have to work for a prolonged period of time. Computer vision syndrome is a condition that is most commonly found with use of digital devices.

This is because the blue violet light that computers and other electronic devices admit. Contributes to a person’s eyestrain. That, and the per valence of computer and electronic use is so significant. That people develop a variety of symptoms. Associated with using electronic devices so much.

Studies have shown that the average adult spends well over twelve hours each day on in computers and electronic devices. And children are spending even more time on electronic devices than ever before. And as a result, more and more people are getting diagnosed with computer vision syndrome.

Because close-up work requires the muscles to work very hard. If people are not taking enough breaks. Not only can the eye muscles get tired. But when people do take a break after prolonged use. They find that it is difficult to focus on faraway objects.

Eye doctor Edmonton says this is because the eyes will have a hard time relaxing after prolonged hard work. And can not only lead to eyestrain. But also can start presenting in spasms of the accommodative system.


While there are a number of very successful treatments that optometrists can prescribe. The best and most effective treatment is actually prevention. And while it is not always possible to ask people to stop using electronic devices completely. Especially if they use them while at work.

Minimizing all unnecessary electronic device use. As well as taking enough breaks is very important to minimizing or even eliminating a lot of the symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome.

Most optometrists recommend for every twenty minutes of computer use. That people take twenty seconds to look at something that is over 20 feet away. If people find that this is very difficult to do, they can set a timer that can help remind them when it is time to focus elsewhere.

When at home, if people are using electronic devices, they can minimize the time spent on them. And then continue to adhere to the twenty minute rule. So that they can give their eyes the rest they need. To be able to go to work the next day without suffering from symptoms.

If people have any questions about computer vision syndrome. Or if they think that they write be suffering from this. They can go to eye doctor Edmonton, and get a routine eye exam. Were they can get the proper diagnosis. And therefore the proper treatment for the symptoms that they are suffering from.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Computer Use Causes Eye Strain

As more and more people use computers at work says eye doctor Edmonton. And as more children start using computers at school. The instance of computer vision syndrome is on the rise.

There is a wide variety of symptoms that can be caused from computer vision syndrome. From fatigue, headaches and eyestrain. To dry eyes that include itching, stinging and redness. To some more serious symptoms including blurred or double vision, and spasms of the accommodative system.

Symptoms can present in a variety of ways. From one or two symptoms, to all of them. And both adults and children can be experiencing these symptoms. That are from using electronic devices for too long at a time.

The amount of time that an adult will typically spend on electronic devices in their day is twelve hours. While children only need to spend 2 to 3 hours on electronic devices to develop these problems themselves.

And while it is prolonged close-up work that causes the eyestrain. The fact that electronic devices admit what is called blue light. Ends up exacerbating the symptoms, causing people to have or problems sooner. Then if they were simply doing close-up work but not on electronic devices.

And although prevention is the best treatment. This is not practical for everybody. Which is why I doctor Edmonton has a wide variety of treatments for people who are not able to completely eliminate computer use in their day.

For people who do not wear glasses. They can get a prescription for computer glasses that are similar to reading glasses. It are designed for use on electronic devices. They will have wider zones for people to look through, in order to see their computer screens easier.


These lenses help the eye focus, so that they do not have to work so hard. Minimizing the strain that ice can have, and the symptoms that people can experience.

People who already where glasses can get progressive lenses. That include field of vision designed for electronic devices as well. These also take the strain off of the eyes, and can help people look at their electronic devices without feeling the strain.

Four all glasses, eye doctor Edmonton can also prescribe a variety of lens coatings that can minimize eyestrain. From lens coatings that take the glare off of computer screens. To coatings that can actually block blue light. These lens coatings can help ensure that if people are using electronic devices, that they are minimizing the effects on their eyes.

If they have any concerns about computer vision syndrome, a routine eye exam can help get the diagnosis they need. So that they can find a treatment that is effective for them.

Although there is not any specific diagnostic test. When eye doctor Edmonton finds out about the patient’s history, including exposure to computers and other digital devices. This can help the optometrist understand if the symptoms that they have are related to computer vision syndrome.

And during the exam, the optometrist will also look for physical symptoms including dry eyes or iced spasms. That can confirm that a patient is suffering from the syndrome. So that they can get the treatment they need to be comfortable.