Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing The Visual System

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing Visual Systems

Many people may not realize how common it is for people to have the visual system damaged in a concussion according to eye doctor Edmonton. And while concussions are very misunderstood at the best of times.

If patients also do not understand how easy it is to affect the visual system in their brain. They might end up living with symptoms for longer than is necessary.

People should realize that there are over three hundred neural connections in the brain dealing with vision. And thirty-two different centres in the brain that also have some aspect of working with vision.

This ends up with a lot of different areas of the brain that use the visual system. When people suffer from a concussion, it often ends up damaging some parts of the visual system.

Because regardless of where they sustained damage from the concussion. This can cause damage to some parts of the visual system.

Therefore, when diagnosing a patient with a concussion. Standard practice should be seeking an evaluation by an optometrist that has training in neural rehabilitation.

They will be able to assess the patient using an evaluation that can help detect any visual inefficiencies. Such as eye tracking, I focus, motion sensitivity and balance.

Once they have an evaluation done by an eye doctor Edmonton. They will be able to conclude if they have sustained damage to their visual system or not.


If people do not get an evaluation from an eye doctor. They may find that all other rehabilitation efforts are unsuccessful. Or less successful than the doctors think they should be.

The reason why, is because so many other parts of the body are also impacted by the visual system. That if that visual system is also not healed, it can be difficult to heal other aspects of that body.

For example, if someone is trying to be rehabilitated to be able to walk again. If doctors do not take into consideration that the visual system is often utilized in walking. And if the visual system is damaged. The patient may never fully regain their ability to walk as an example.

This is why it is so important to get assessed by an eye doctor Edmonton. So that all therapists can work together with each other to have a collaborative approach to how to heal a person and their brain.

Most optometrists will work collaboratively with other rehabilitation doctors. Such as physiotherapists, psychologists and occupational therapists. Ensure maximum success of treating the patient overall.

The benefit to using an eye doctor. Is if the damage to the visual system is very severe. The optometrist is still going to be able to take them through the neuro-optometric rehabilitation program.

Because they can modify all activities to fit the abilities of each patient. And make those activities more challenging as the patient heals their brain.

Therefore, patients and doctors should know how important it is to get assessed by an optometrist if they get a concussion. And can help them heal quicker and more thoroughly. By working with a vision specialist.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Healing Your Visual System

Many people may not realize that if they have suffered from a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton . They can end up damaging their vision system. This is because there are so many parts of the brain that deal with vision. And it can be very easy for any parts of that system to be damaged when any part of the brain gets damaged.

However, there are many misconceptions regarding concussions. That people may not even recognize that they have had a concussion. Which can impact their ability to get treatment to their visual system if it has been damaged by concussion.

A concussion is a type of mild brain injury. This happens when the brain hits the inside of a patient’s skull. It does not matter what part of the brain needs to hit the skull for it to be considered a concussion. Side to side, front to back, which means it can present in a wide variety of symptoms.

Another common misconception about concussions is that a person has to be hit in the head in order to suffer from one. This is actually untrue, because it is not always a blow to the head that causes the brain to hit inside the skull.

For example, if a football player is tackled, and their head never hits the ground. Or if a hockey player body checks another player into the boards. But they do not end up hitting their head. Those circumstances can still be enough force to cause the brain to hit the inside of their skull.

Therefore, if people believe that they have to hit their head in order to be diagnosed as having a concussion. That concussion may very easily go undiagnosed.


Also, another common misconception is that people must lose consciousness in order for it to be considered a concussion. Eye doctor Edmonton says this is not true, but it does indicate the level of severity of the injury. But losing consciousness happens in only 10% of all concussion cases.

Even more damaging, is the myth that people will have symptoms immediately after getting a concussion. This is not true, because concussion symptoms can show up anywhere between 7 to 10 days after the fact.

Coupled with the fact that people may not realize that they have had a concussion because they did not hit their head or lose consciousness. And the symptoms that show up could be completely unrelated to their injury. Such as double vision, dizziness or motion sensitivity.

People could end up not realizing that they have had a concussion and that the concussion caused damage to their vision system.

Which is why it is extremely important for anyone experiencing any unusual vision systems. As well as things like balance problems, and increased sensitivity to motion, dizziness or nausea should get to see an eye doctor Edmonton immediately.

And preferably one that has training in neural rehabilitation. So that they can get the right diagnosis and ultimately the treatment that can help them heal their brain and their visual system.