Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Combating Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Combating Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is extremely common in dry climates like Alberta says eye doctor Edmonton. And in fact, according to the Alberta optometry Association, 90% of adults will experience dry syndrome in their lifetime.

However, there are many preventative measures that people can take. In order to either prevent developing dry eye syndrome. Or increase the length of time it will take before they develop this chronic condition themselves.

They can be proactive in ensuring that they are creating a good environment in their home for their eyes. This includes using a humidifier on a regular basis. So that their home is not dry.

If people smoke, eye doctor Edmonton recommends that they quit. But at the very least, avoid smoking inside. Where it can create an extremely dry environment, causing people to develop dry eye syndrome.

People are using computers more than than ever before. However, excessive computer use can cause dry eye syndrome. Not just because they are focusing their eyes for a long period of time.

But also, because people who use computers excessively. Tend to blink less often than they should. In order to keep their eyes lubricated.

Therefore, a great proactive measure can be to minimize all unnecessary computer use. And whenever possible, take breaks every twenty minutes when working on a computer.

The brakes do not have to be long, just as long as a person can spend twenty seconds staring at something 20 feet away. Can get them to avoid developing symptoms of dry eye syndrome from computer use.


It is also recommended by eye doctor Edmonton that people drink lots of water. Because when they are dehydrated, it can be difficult for their body to send lubricating tears there eyes consistently.

In addition to that, it is recommended that people eat foods that are rich in omega-3. And if they cannot, then they should take in omega-3 supplement. So that their body can produce high quality tears to lubricate their eyes.

However, no matter how proactive someone may be. They still might develop dry eye syndrome. It makes it incredibly important for people to recognize the symptoms. So that they can get help in time.

Some of the more common symptoms, and more commonly associated with dry eyes. Include eyes that are red, burning or itching. Or when people complain that it feels like they have something in their eyes. Or that the inside of their eyelids are made out of sandpaper.

While these are obvious signs of dry eyes. And not so obvious sign is when people complain of having excessively teary eyes. This is because a person is not producing good quality tears. And start developing dry eye symptoms.

Their body will try to fix the situation by flooding the area with tears. But because they do not have good quality tears. Ends up with watery eyes, with no relief.

By understanding the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. As well as what people can do to be proactive to prevent dry eye syndrome. Can help ensure that people are maintaining the health of their eyes for many years to come.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Combating Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is extremely common in very dry climates says eye doctor Edmonton. However, even though 90% of adults in Alberta will develop this syndrome. There are many things that people can do to minimize symptoms.

With how common dry eye syndrome is, eye doctor Edmonton recommends that patients avoid common irritants. Such as eyelash extensions, because those can increase the likelihood of developing this chronic condition.

They also recommend that people do not get eyeliner tattoos. Because this can actually damage the glands, or the tear ducts. Making people unable to produce tears to keep their eyes lubricated.

In fact, depending on the reason why people have dry eyes. There eye doctor can come up with a treatment for each reason why.

In some cases, people develop dry eyes as a side effect of a medical condition. Rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease as well as several inflammatory conditions. Can include developing dry eye as a side effect of that condition.

Another reason why people might end up with dry eye syndrome. Is because they are either experiencing atrophy in their tear producing glands or tear ducts. Or hypertrophy, which means swelling of the glands.

There can be medicated eyedrops that their doctor can prescribe. And even using warm compresses on a daily basis. Can encourage heat to open up the glands, in order to allow a person to produce tears once again.

One of the first things that eye doctor Edmonton will do, is start fixing the environmental factors. That may be contributing to a patient’s dry eye syndrome.

The reason why this is the first place that they will start. Is because if a person does not change their environment first. Even if they go to medication in order to fix dry eye syndrome. That medication will likely have a reduced effect. If that environmental factors are making dry eye syndrome worse.


The environmental factors that they recommend people change first include getting a humidifier to keep the air inside their home as human as possible.

In addition to that, people should avoid smoking, or smoking only outside. As the smoke from cigarettes can cause an extremely dry environment.

Other preventative measures include ensuring people are drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. As well as taking lots of breaks when it comes to computer usage.

If these things are not effective at reducing the effect of dry eye syndrome. The recommendation is to start using eye lubricants.

When it comes to over-the-counter eyedrops. Patients need to be aware that there are so many options, and to get the one that is specifically recommended to them.

Not only are there some that are more lubricating than others. Some have anti-inflammatory properties. That can be very soothing, depending on the reason why people have dry eyes.

By allowing their eye doctor to take them through all the different treatment options available. Can ensure that they are managing their dry eye syndrome as naturally as possible. Only resorting to medication when it is the last resort.

When people are experiencing dry eye syndrome. There eye doctor can be an extremely effective resource. And can help minimize symptoms significantly.