Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Combating Dry Eye Symptoms

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Combating Dry Eye Symptoms

The symptoms associated with dry eyes and dry eye syndrome are surprising to a lot of people says eye doctor Edmonton. Because they are not obviously caused by dry eyes.

This causes many people to not get diagnosed as quickly. Because the symptoms that they are experiencing are thought to be caused by something else. Or that they simply think that the symptoms that they are experiencing are caused by getting older.

However, people should understand the symptoms that are associated with dry eye syndrome. So that if this is what they are experiencing. They can go to eye doctor Edmonton in order to get a diagnosis.

Once properly diagnosed, they can start treating the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. And be more comfortable, as well as be able to see better for the long term.

The symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome include burning, itchiness and red eyes. People often complain that it feels as though they have a foreign body in their eye that they can get rid of. Or they complain that it feels like there is sandpaper on the inside of their eyelids.

While these are very common complaints that people can associate with dry eyes. The other symptoms that they can experience are the ones that cause them to think that they have a different cause to their problems.

People can complain that they have excessive tearing of their eyes. And when they complain to their eye doctor Edmonton about this. Our surprised when their doctor prescribes them lubricating eyedrops.

The reason why people with dry eye syndrome have excessive tearing. Is because it is their bodies reflects not having enough tears, or a good quality tears to lubricate PI.


Unfortunately, this reflects action, causes more tears that are low-quality to form. Which either evaporate very quickly off the surface of the eye, and does very little to help lubricate a person’s eye.

Or, the lack of lubrication in the tears, causes the tear to run right out of the patient’s eye and down their face. And not lubricate their eyes.

Therefore, by treating the dry eye syndrome with eyedrops. Can often cause a patient’s eyes to stop tearing up excessively.

Something else for patients to be aware of symptom wise. Is that one of the most common symptoms of dry eye syndrome is blurred vision.

People often go to their optometrist in order to get an eye exam, because they assume that their eyeglasses a different prescription. Because they are not able to see as clearly as they were once able to.

However, blurred vision is a symptom of dry eye syndrome. Because tears allow light to pass through patients eye easily. They can see clearly at all times.

So when a patient’s eye is not lubricated, it has a rough surface to it. So when light passes through the eye, it bounces around, causing a blurred vision.

Therefore, treating the dry eye syndrome can simply because the blurred vision to go away. Allowing patients to see clearly once again.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Combating Dry Eye Symptoms

90% of adults in Alberta experience symptoms of dry eye says eye doctor Edmonton. This is because the climate in this province is extremely dry, and causes the tears in people’s eyes to evaporate quickly.

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition. That requires ongoing treatment in order to minimize symptoms. The one thing that people who are living in a dry climate such as Alberta can do. Is use humidifiers both at home, and at work. In order to combat the dryness, that contributes to this syndrome.

Other environmental factors can include being around smoke or fumes. As well as excessive computer use. People who use computers a lot for work, or recreationally. Are often suggested to take this Avril breaks throughout the day.

The brakes that they are recommended to take our every twenty minutes, stare at something 20 feet away for twenty seconds. In order to give their eyes a break and to focus on something farther distance away. To avoid causing eyestrain.

Even some medical conditions can cause dry eye symptoms. Including thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and a wide variety of inflammatory conditions. When these contribute to dry eye syndrome. Controlling those medical conditions becomes an important way to control dry eyes.

There are other things other than environmental, or medical that can contribute to dry eye syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. Often when people get eyelash extensions, that can cause symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.

In many people may not realize, but getting tattooed eyeliner can actually damage the glands that produces not only the tears, but damage the glands that produces the oil that lubricates a person’s tears as well.


When people have been diagnosed as having dry eye syndrome. The first thing that eye doctor Edmonton will do is try to minimize the environmental factors. To see if that improves the symptoms.

Using a humidifier, taking lots of breaks when using computers. Removing eyelash extensions, and asking people to smoke outside or even quitting smoking. Can change the environment enough, to minimize dry eye symptoms.

When a patient does this, but it is not enough to minimize the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. The next step that they will take, is making some lifestyle changes, in order to improve the symptoms. Including drinking lots of water, and eating foods rich in omega-3.

Omega-3 is very beneficial. Because it helps people create the oil that lubricates tears, that can combat dry eye syndrome. And if people are unable to get enough omega-3 in their diet naturally. Taking a supplement can often be very beneficial to minimize the symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.

If this is still not enough to minimize symptoms. They can get prescribed a lubricating eyedrops. Some can have lubricating ingredients or even anti-inflammatory properties. That can soothe the eye, while providing the oil needed to lubricate the surface of the eye.

In some prescription eyedrops that there eye doctor Edmonton can prescribe. They can also help cause a patient to increase the production of the oil in their tears. That can help keep their eyes lubricated.

With all of the treatment options available. When patients discuss their symptoms and treatments with their optometrist. They can likely come up with an effective treatment that not only can minimize symptoms. But can help them in the long term as well.