Eye Doctor Edmonton Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

The reason why there are several different causes of dry eye syndrome says eye doctor Edmonton. Is because of the complexity of eyes, and factors that cause dry eyes.

One of first things that people should take into consideration, is what a dry eye actually is. This is what doctors call it when a person is not producing enough tears lubricate their eyes. Or, they are producing enough tears. But the tears are of poor quality.

What causes poor quality tears, is deficiency associated with the different components of tears. According to eye doctor Edmonton, tears are made up of three different layers, oil, water and mucus.

Each different component of the tear does something important to the eye. The oil in the teardrop prevents evaporation of the water layer. While the mucus layer helps spread the tears evenly over the surface of the eyes.

If there is not enough oil, then the tears evaporate too quickly. Causing dry eyes. And if there is not enough mucus in the tears. Then they do not spread evenly over the cornea.

Therefore, when a person has poor quality tears. Their bodies reflex is often to send more tears to the eyes. Causing excessive cheeriness. However, because they already have poor quality tears. It is not going to help them have lubricated eyes.

Another reason why people get dry eye, is because they do not produce enough tears. Tears are actually produced by several glands in and around a person’s eyelid. While tear production normally slows with age.


Various medical conditions can cause slowed tear production. As well as problems with the tear ducts and glands can develop. Causing people to not have as many tears as needed to keep their eyes lubricated.

Because of this, eye doctor Edmonton says people can complain of having read, itchy and burning eyes. Or having the sensation that they have a foreign body in their eye. Or, that it feels like the inside of their eyelids are made of sandpaper.

Also, people can develop symptoms such as excessive tearing, as their body’s response to dry eyes. As well as blurred or double vision.

The reason why blurred or double vision is a symptom of dry eye syndrome. Is because lubrication of the eye aids in the eyes ability to see.

As the light passes through the surface of the eye, it requires the smoothest surface possible in order to pass easily through the eye, allowing people to see well.

Without the right lubrication, the surface of the eye is rough and pitted. Which causes the light to bounce around and refract off of the rough surface. Causing vision to be blurred or to be double.

Therefore it is very important for people to understand how important it is that they are going to eye doctor Edmonton any time they have any of these symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

So that they can get diagnosed properly and treat the cause of the dry eyes. Instead of just the symptoms.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

There are many different things that can cause people to develop dry eyes over time according to eye doctor Edmonton. There are environmental factors, as well as physical factors. And there are some preventative measures that people can use to avoid developing dry eye syndrome.

The most significant environmental factor when it comes to dry eyes is climate. People who live in an extremely dry and error to climate. Such as Alberta and up having dry eye syndrome more frequently.

In fact, according to the Alberta optometry Association. More adults in Alberta experience dry eye syndrome than any other province. With 90% of all adults eventually developing this chronic syndrome.

Therefore, using a humidifier home and at work if possible. Can help people be proactive in avoiding getting dry eye syndrome. If people have already developed this condition. Using a humidifier can minimize symptoms associated with it.

People can also be very proactive in preventing dry eyes. Or increasing the length of time before they will eventually develop it themselves.

While avoiding excessive computer use. And taking ample breaks is extremely important. People can also ensure that they get enough water. Because that is an extremely effective way to remain hydrated enough to lubricate their eyes.

Also, people need to ensure that they eat foods with omega-3, which helps create healthy eyes. In order to get enough omega-3, people should eat Brussels sprouts, kale, parsley and spinach.

As well as eat omega-3 enriched eggs, yogurt and soy milk as well as flower, past an oatmeal that has been enriched with omega-3 as well.


In addition to those foods, fatty fish especially salmon and tuna, trout or halibut are extremely high in omega-3. As well as palm oil, soybean oil, and Chia seeds.

If people still cannot get enough omega-3 into their diets. The recommendation is for people to take in omega-3 supplement. Because this can significantly improve eye health. And be very proactive in helping people avoid dry eye syndrome.

In fact, there are many other things that people can do proactively. Including ensuring that they remove eye makeup before bed every night. Because makeup can lock glands and tear ducts. Causing people to have reduced tear production.

In addition to that, people can also avoid getting eyelash extensions or eyeliner tattoos, because those can block or damage tear producing glands and tear ducts as well.

By being extremely proactive. People can ensure that they are maintaining as good eye health as possible. However, eye doctor Edmonton says despite their best proactive efforts. Some people will still end up developing dry eye syndrome.

If they do, they should ensure that they make an appointment to see their optometrist. Because there are many diagnostic tests available. In order to determine what the cause of each person’s dry eye syndrome is.

By finding out the cause. Can help them and their eye doctor Edmonton come up with the right treatment that treats the cause and not the symptoms. So that they can be as symptom-free as they can for as long as they can as well.