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Cross Eye Treatment | What Is An Ocular Motor Dysfunction

Cross Eye Treatment | What Is An Ocular Motor Dysfunction

One common oculomotor dysfunction treatment that parents are aware of is a cross eye treatment. However, cross I is only one of the many oculomotor dysfunctions that children can have.

In order for children to be able to read, and navigate the visual world around them. They need their eyes to work as a team. To focus on objects, to read, play sports and more.

Therefore, if a child is having difficulty doing any of these things. They may have an ocular motor dysfunction. That needs help to be fixed.

Especially when parents are looking for a cross eye treatment that can help their child. What their child needs, is training to help their eyes work together. And they can get that through visual therapy.

However, many parents are not sure where they can turn. In order to get the help that they need. Which is why it is important that they know about vision by design.

While many people are aware that this is a great optometrist clinic. They also have vision therapists on staff. And routinely check children during their eye exam on a yearly basis.

To see if they have any ocular motor dysfunctions. And what they can do about them. Such as get a cross eye treatment, that can help them learn how to focus their eyes effectively.

During the routine eye exam, if the visual therapist sees anything. That makes them think that they should bring the child back for a more comprehensive test. They will share that information with the parents.


During the more comprehensive test. They will do an in-depth assessment of the child’s ocular motor skills. Because if they have one vision syndrome, or ocular motor dysfunction.

Chances are quite high that they have another one. So if a child is cross eyed, chances are quite high they could suffer from something else in addition to that. That makes treatment less straightforward and more important.

During the comprehensive test, visual therapist will also look for issues such as I teaming ability, and focusing ability. So that by the time the assessment is over.

They will be able to let the parents know what their diagnosis is. And recommend several different treatment options. On different ways that they can treat their child’s ocular motor dysfunction.

The benefit to going to vision by design. Is the fact that not only can they do the testing on site. But the treatments are on site as well. So that the children will be able to get the help they need, at a clinic that they are already familiar with.

Through this vision therapy program. The visual therapist will help train the children how to use their eyes together. And how to use their eyes effectively and control where they are pointing.

So this is an effective cross eye treatment. But also, great treatment for a wide variety of other ocular motor dysfunctions. The sooner parents can get their child in for routine eye examination at vision by design. The sooner they can get the help that they need.

Cross Eye Treatment | What Is An Ocular Motor Dysfunction

It is very important for parents to understand that the right cross eye treatment. Will involve taking their child to a vision therapist for an assessment.

Because even if they know that their child is cross eyed. They also need to take into consideration. That children rarely only have one ocular motor dysfunction. And they typically will have at least another one that needs treatment.

Therefore, in addition to having crossed eyes. Children may have what is called saccadic eye movement trouble. Which means they will have a difficult time moving their gaze from one object to another.

They may also have pursuit eye movement difficulty. Which means they have trouble following a line, or an object in motion. Which is very common to notice when they are playing sports.

And finally, a child may also have trouble fixating on a target even one that is stationary. And parents should appreciate, that it can be very difficult to try to navigate the world.

If children are having a hard time processing visual information. Therefore, getting the right diagnosis. Is paramount to getting the right treatment that can help more than just getting a cross eye treatment done.

Therefore, even when a child has cross eyes. Parents should also be aware of symptoms that might include they are having trouble with other aspects of their visual ability.


From wanting to avoid playing sports, or playing with their friends. And avoiding homework, and wanting to avoid reading. And they might start doing poorly in school, and wanting to refuse to go.

When parents are ready to get a proper diagnosis. They should book in for a routine eye exam at the optometry clinic vision by design. Because they ensure that during regular eye exams.

Every child that comes into their office. Will get tested for a wide variety of ocular motor dysfunctions. Because even if one is obvious. They will be able to find out if there is anything else that should get treated as well.

With how many children are living with an undiagnosed vision syndrome. It is very important that they get the proper assessment. So that they can get diagnosed, and treated properly.

Once children start undergoing visual therapy at vision by design. Parents should notice an immediate change in their child’s behaviour. Going from not enthusiastic about school, to being excited to go.

As well as engaging in sports when they did not before. And developing more social skills. As they feel more comfortable navigating the world. Once they are able to start seeing things better.

They will be more confident, and happier. And over time, parents will see that their child’s grades will start to improve. As they are going to be able to better read, understand and study.

Therefore parents and teachers alike should be very aware. That if they are looking for cross eye treatment for a child. That they should get a full visual assessment first. So that they can get the right treatment.