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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | When Children See Double

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | When Children See Double

Often, parents can tell when their children are seeing double, and if they need to undergo a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. However, children who are cross eyed. May not always be cross eyed.

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And they may not always be seeing double. This visual problem is called strabismus. And there are many different kinds of strabismus. That have different causes, and therefore treatments.

And which is the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. Will depend on many factors. Which is why they should get an assessment from a vision therapist to start.

One thing that parents might assume. Is that their child is going to out to grow this problem. And so they do not need to worry about it. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

And in fact, vision therapists are going to be quite insistent. That if a parent suspects their child has a strabismus. And needs a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. That they get their child assessed in a timely fashion.

The reason why they want parents to get their child assessed quickly. Is because over time, if this problem is not fixed. The brain will be confused because it is seeing double so often.

That it will simply turn off the image to the deviating eye. And while the brain will be less confused, because it is no longer seeing double all the time. And a child might think the problem is gone.

Because they are no longer seeing double anymore either. The problem with this, is that they will lose the ability to use that eye at all. Making things like depth perception, reading and focusing harder.

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And that means that the ability to use that eye will be gone permanently. Therefore, it is very important for people who have a strabismus. To get the right cross eye treatment in a timely fashion.

The first thing that parents can do, is simply book an appointment by calling an optometrist clinic that has a vision therapist on staff. Such as vision by design in Edmonton.

The length of the appointment will be quite long. When they are looking for strabismus. Usually lasting anywhere between one, one a half hours. In order to do all of the tests.

That will help the vision therapist make the right diagnosis. Once the vision therapist has the right diagnosis. They will be able to come up with the right treatment to help them overcome their problem.

Whether the right treatment for the patient is corrective lenses. Or if it is vision therapy. Or in some cases, surgery is going to be needed.

Going through the thorough assessment first. Will help ensure that patients will be able to overcome their challenges. So that they can have an easier time seeing. Whether this is at school, or at home.

Since 80% of learning in the classroom is visually base. Children who have strabismus may be struggling. And once they get the right treatment. They will be able to learn much easier.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | When Kids See Double

When children complain about seeing double some or all of the time, parents should find a cross eye treatment in Edmonton for them. The reason why, is because any form of cross I.

Is referred to as strabismus. And it is a condition where the eyes are not aligned with each other. And therefore, the child has a hard time focusing on objects, or words.

Because they cannot point their eyes to the same place. When they have strabismus, they typically will see double. Either part of the time, or all of the time. Which can be very confusing to the child.

While children that have strabismus may have difficulties focusing on things close up. They also might have trouble focusing on things farther away. Or it made simply affect them all of the time.

And when this is the case, they often have a hard time navigating through the world. Because they do not know where their body is in conjunction to the rest of the objects.

That they have a hard time seeing clearly because they are double. This is why children who have strabismus, and need a cross eye treatment in Edmonton. Often struggle in a classroom setting.

Because so much of the learning they do is visual. But they also are likely to be quite clumsy. And typically will try to avoid engaging in physical activities such as physical games, or sports.

And even though strabismus refers to not being able to align the eyes. There may be several different kinds of strabismus. Affecting the eyes in a different way.


Whether the deviating eye points inwards or outwards. Or if it is pointing upwards or downwards instead. Also, strabismus good for fear to could refer to if their eyes are rotated.

Where all of these different types of strabismus of different causes. And therefore different treatments. When they meet with the vision therapist, such as those on staff at vision by design.

They will be able to help the child overcome the challenges. By teaching them how to align their eyes. To allow them to focus. And see the visual world around them.

One cross eye treatment in Edmonton that might be effective. Would be to get prescription glasses. Or lenses that have prisms in it. And by wearing these glasses regularly.

The child can be trained, to focus their eyes, and point them in the same direction. While more serious cases will require vision therapy. Which is going through guided exercise with therapist in the office. For half an hour once a week.

Vision therapy typically will take anywhere between thirty-six and forty-eight weeks to complete. And the effectiveness of this therapy depends on how diligent the child is at doing their homework.

And in the most serious cases. Children will need surgery. In order to align the eyes properly. But even in these cases, they will significantly benefit from having been through vision therapy to begin with. Making this an extremely good investment for anyone. Particularly children who have a strabismus.