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It takes passion, skill and incredible attention to detail to be a successful eye doctor in Edmonton. But a successful practice demands eye care professionals with a sense of service, community and the need to do your best for your patients.

Vision By Design provides you with eye health professionals who specialize in understanding the human eye and its functions. We are knowledgeable in eye disease symptoms and eye conditions that can damage your vision, even those that may not have visible symptoms. Your eye health is our top priority, and we will provide you with the care you need to have healthy sight for all of life’s great moments.

Maintaining good eye health is an ongoing partnership between you and your eye care professional. You need to trust your eye doctor to monitor your progress, notice changes in your eye health, ask questions and share the information you need to make decisions for you and your family.

At Vision By Design, our eye doctors and eye health experts work with you to get the eye health solution for your needs. We bring our technology, knowledge and desire to inform together to give you the best possible solution in the best experience possible.

Under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Keep, Vision By Design has been providing the standard in eye care in Edmonton.

Dr. Sarah Keep

Dr. Keep studied sciences at the University of Alberta before completing her education at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia. As a student she was passionate about her career and education. She excelled in her studies, becoming the president of the Gold Key Honour Society. She also spent time volunteering on mission trips to Central America, which provided an the opportunity to diagnose and treat many rare ocular diseases which are not prevalent in North America. Her training in the United States provided her with experience in a variety of optometric settings including pediatrics, specialty contact lenses, laser vision correction pre- and post-operative care, as well as a large scope of eye disease and pathology.

After graduating she purchased our original clinic in 2011. After implementing many positive changes it was apparent that we needed a larger location and a name that better showcased the improved standard of eye care.  Vision By Design was born in 2014 as a representation of the customized eye care services that we felt our patients deserved.

Dr. Keep started providing Vision Therapy in 2016 for children who had developmental vision problems leading to learning issues, as well as patients who have vision problems from acquired injuries such as concussions. Dr. Keep has completed hundreds of hours of post graduate training in Behavioral and Developmental Optometry as well as Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation for post concussion care. She loves watching the transformation that patients achieve as they progress through a Vision Therapy or Rehabilitation Program! 

As our vision therapy services grew, we decided to open a dedicated Vision Therapy clinic in July 2020 and have been excited to provide this well needed service to the Edmonton community. 

Dr. Keep continues to enjoy providing routine eye care and disease management to our primary care patients.  She looks forward to serving our patients in all of their eye care needs. 

Dr. Alysha Hirjee

Dr. Hirjee knew she wanted to become an Optometrist from a young age. When she realized she could combine her love for helping people and her interest in the human eye, it was the perfect match. Dr. Hirjee grew up in Calgary, AB and moved to Edmonton when she started University. After graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Biological Sciences she completed her training in optometry at the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, IL. In 2011, she received her degree of Optometry, graduating with distinction.

During her time in the United States, she was fortunate to work at different externship sites that built her experience in a wide array of clinical settings. These included the Highline Vision Center in Colorado, where she worked with pediatric patients to improve their binocular vision and accommodative disorders through vision therapy. Her training at the Veterans Hospital in Tallahassee, FL and at the Barnet-Dulaney-Perkins Eye center in Mesa, AZ gave her the skills to diagnose and treat conditions like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. She also obtained experience in contact lenses and pre and post-operative care for lasik and cataract surgery.

Giving back to the community is important to Dr. Hirjee.  She had the opportunity to travel to Honduras for an eye care mission and was able to provide eye health exams and glasses to thousands of patients who had never had access to an eye doctor before. She was inspired by this truly humbling and joyous experience.

David T

David is a certified vision therapist at Vision by Design Optometry. He achieved honors with distinction as an Occupational/Physiotherapy Assistant and began working at different hospitals for several years. He has a wide range of experience that includes: geriatrics, intensive care, dementia, psychological/cognitive impairments, athletes, speech language pathology, recreation, and orthopaedics. David found the opportunity to join the Vision by Design team in 2019. With his previous rehabilitation experience paired with his immersive research in vision and the eyes, he continues to see significant improvement in the lives of the patients that he works with. David is extremely passionate about patient centered care and goes above and beyond to ensure our patients meet their goals. He currently acts as a mentor to our new therapist and has been a key member in launching our Vision Rehabilitation clinic.

Edmonton Optometrist
Edmonton Optometrist

Sarah M

Sarah began in the optical industry in 2011 after taking her opthalmic assistance course and working in an office in Edson. This position may have been short lived but it sparked an interest in the optical industry and prompted her to apply for a position for Dr. Keep at our old location, Callingwood Vision Center, in 2014. Sarah started as a receptionist but her strong desire and motivation to learn more, as well as her aptitude for quickly mastering new tasks, resulted in Dr. Keep offering to train her in the optical field. Sarah began her two year Optical Sciences Diploma at Nait in 2015. Since then she has demonstrated a keen eye for choosing fabulous frames, and has been able to show off her extensive theoretical knowledge when assisting patients in choosing lenses. Her desire to grow the practice and ensure its success locked in the position of Office Manager after just two short years of employment. Since becoming manager Sarah has received extensive training in customer service, leadership, visual merchandising, and marketing amongst many other tasks. She completed her leadership communication certificate through Nait in 2018 and in 2021 Sarah graduated from the University of Alberta with new knowledge in human resources including business and change management. With Sarah’s extensive background in management and business operations she was a key member in helping launch Vision by Design’s Vision Rehabilitation clinic in July 2020. Sarah has a passion to share her knowledge; she has acted as preceptor to multiple student opticians over the past 7 years and coached multiple team members in leadership roles. Sarah goes above and beyond to ensure the success of the practice and her fellow staff.

Sarah A

Sarah began working for Vision by Design Optometry in December of 2015. Sarah had a strong aptitude for learning many of our office procedures and grew to fulfill multiple office roles. Sarah is currently our lead office administrator and is responsible for the day to day operations of the clinic. Sarah demonstrates exceptional attention to detail, and ensure our patients receive an exceptional customer experience. The precision of her work made her the perfect candidate for the Ophthalmic Assistants program, which she completed in January 2017. This course provided Sarah with advanced training in ocular terminology, disease and triaging and allowed her to take her skill set to the next level. Additional training includes a leadership certificate through Nait as well as training in employee engagement, communications and optician works. Over the past 5 years Sarah’s continued desire to learn, hard work and efficiency has set the standard for our work culture and office environment.

Dr. Lucy Liu

Dr. Liu grew up in Saskatoon, SK with her mom, dad, and younger sister. Her interest in optometry began in grade 9, after many years of visiting her family optometrist. She spent a total of seven years at the University of Waterloo, ON, obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree and Doctor of Optometry degree in 2018.

During her studies, Dr. Liu gained exposure to a wide array of ocular diseases, including management for diabetic retinopathy, pre and post surgical care for cataracts, dry eye, and macular degeneration. In her second year of optometry school, she worked as an intern at LASIK MD in Toronto, ON, gaining valuable knowledge on the management of pre and post-LASIK and PRK procedures, as well as cross-linking for keratoconic patients. In her fourth year, she spent several months in Salt Lake City, UT, as an intern at the Eye Foundation of Utah, where she gained valuable knowledge on the diagnosis and management of many ocular diseases, with a heavy emphasis on glaucoma and retinal disease. Her primary care internships also took her to Scarborough, ON and Calgary, AB, allowing her to gain exposure in different private practices. In 2015, Dr. Liu published a journal article in Contact Lens & Anterior Eye on the effect of biofilm growth in contact lens cases with Dr. Lyndon Jones.

After graduating, Dr. Liu moved to Kamloops, BC and practiced full-scope optometry at Kamloops Family Vision Clinic for a year. She saw and managed a wide array of ocular diseases, and had a close relationship with the ophthalmologists in Kamloops. After deciding that she wanted to be closer to home, Dr. Liu moved to Fort Saskatchewan in summer 2019, and joined the Vision by Design Optometry team in Jan 2020.

Dr. Liu thoroughly enjoys providing primary care services for her patients. She has also had a special interest in the field of vision rehabilitation/vision therapy for patients with learning disabilities, strabismus/amblyopia, and traumatic brain injury. She has spent over 200 hours in various continuing education courses/lectures with special focus on Behavioral Optometry and Vision Therapy.


Omid moved to Edmonton in December of 2019 to fulfill a new adventure. With 12 years of past sports rehabilitation experience Omid joined Vision by Design in June 2020 as our second official vision therapist. With such an extensive background in sports therapy including a bachelor in sports physio as well as a masters in sports physiology, Omid excelled in his position quickly becoming one of our core team members. Omid has experience working with paraplegic athletes, therapy assisting, post concussion rehabilitation, management in sports medicine, and much more. His ambitious attitude and passion for rehabilitation resulted in being a part of some major sports alliances such as the National Disability Sport Federation, the Wheelchair Basketball Federation, the Paracanoe Medical Federation as well as the Asian Paralympic Committee that he is still actively engaged in. With such an substantial background, Omid’s theoretical approach to his patients has contributed to high accomplishments in patient recovery. The outcome of his past mentorship experience has resulted in strong leadership traits making him a go-to in office trainer for new therapists as well as creation of new policies and procedures. In August of 2021, Omid will have completed the Practical Vision Therapy Accreditation Program making him a certified Vision Therapist.