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Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Is Strabismus?

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Is Strabismus?

Often, parents will assume their child needs across eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they can visually see. That their child’s eyes are not pointed in the same direction.

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And while this is often the case, parents should keep in mind. That there are many different types of strabismus. And they all have their own causes. And therefore, different treatments are needed.

For example, the deviating eye can point in words, or outwards. Or be pointed up, or be pointed down. And in severe cases, the eye can be rotated. And all of these can have an effect on how the patient sees the visual world.

They often are clumsy. Because they have a difficult time navigating in the world. Without being able to see clearly. Even though strabismus sometimes is only affecting a patient.

When they are viewing things close up, or when they are viewing things far away. Or only during visually demanding tasks, such as reading. However, no matter when they have vision problems due to strabismus.

It is extremely important that parents get their child assessed. So they can have the right treatment. Because the right treatment not only can help them align their eyes.

So they are no longer struggling with navigating the visual world. But if people do not have their child’s strabismus treated, with an effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

The impact that could have on their child. Would be that their brain will eventually stop using the information from the deviating eye. In order to avoid confusion from the double vision it sees.

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And while this will eliminate the patient’s problem of seeing double. It will also cause them to no longer be able to do things like track moving objects, or focus.

Therefore it is incredibly important that anyone who has strabismus. Gets the most effective cross eye treatment in Edmonton they can. From a certified vision therapist, those on staff at vision by design.

The first step for anyone who suspects their child has strabismus, is contacting a vision therapist, like vision by design. In order to get an assessment done. They cannot to get any treatments without the assessment first.

The assessments will take anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes. Because there are so many different tests, measurements. And checking the various ice skills. That the vision therapist will need to do with the patient.

In order to find the right diagnosis and treatment. For each individual patient. And whether they need corrective lenses, vision therapy, or surgery. Getting an assessment early on.

Is fundamental in helping people get the right treatment they need. To help them see clearly. And to avoid having problems down the road. Due to the strabismus, and how their brain will cope with it.

Therefore, if parents have any concerns that their child has strabismus. Or they simply want to find out what is causing their child’s vision problems. Or other problems in school. Contacting vision by design is the first important step to getting the help they need.

Cross Eye Treatment Edmonton | More Info on Strabismus

If patients have strabismus, it is often referred to as cross eyes, and it can be treated with the right cross eye treatment in Edmonton. While many parents think that the treatment is going to involve patching their child’s eyes.

This is no longer done. Because not only is it embarrassing, and socially isolating for children. But it is not as effective as the vision therapy of today. Therefore, parents do not have to worry.

One of the first things that parents should keep in mind. Is that even though this is a problem that they can visually see. Because their child’s eyes will not be pointed in the same direction.

The biggest problem with cross eyes, or strabismus as it is known clinically. Is the fact that it is impacting how the child is able to see. And therefore, how they can navigate the very visual world.

Particularly, when children are learning in a classroom setting. 80% of what they learn will be visually based. Whether it is reading a book themselves. Reading notes on a board in the front of the class.

Or watching the teacher, and interpreting what they have to say, and paying attention to their body language. When children have strabismus, and need across eye treatment in Edmonton.

It can affect their school work significantly. Typically, what children will see when they have strabismus. Is they will see double vision at some point. Sometimes, they will see double vision all of the time.

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Or, they will see double vision while focusing close up, or focusing far away. Or only when doing visually demanding tasks. And when the problem is only intermittent. It is no less important to treat.

After going through an assessment at the vision therapist’s office. If they opt for ongoing vision therapy. That requires about one session every week. Lasting half an hour long.

Although, they will usually get homework to do. Visual activities for them to do at home. Usually around fifteen minutes a day, five days a week. In order to see the best results from this cross eye treatment in Edmonton.

Therefore, patients need to commit to doing the homework on their own. So that the vision therapy can be as effective as possible. And while they still can undergo vision therapy. Even if they are not doing their homework.

Patients, and their parents need to keep in mind. That it will significantly lengthen the amount of time that they must be going to vision therapy. And while standard treatment.

Is going to last anywhere between 36 to 48 weeks. If they are not committed to doing their homework. This can double, or triple in length. Therefore, it is more beneficial for people to commit to the vision therapy.

And while vision therapy is not always completely successful. Even if they do end up requiring surgery. The fact that they will have undergone vision therapy in the first place. Will ensure that surgery has a much more effective outcome.