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Cross Eye Treatment | Getting Help for Vision Syndromes

Cross Eye Treatment | Getting Help for Vision Syndromes

There are many different vision syndromes that people might have that need treatment, such as cross eye treatment. Or lazy eye treatment. However, since many children in Canada are undiagnosed with vision syndromes.

The first step, is for parents and teachers. To be aware of current vision syndromes, also called ocular motor dysfunctions. So that they know the best way to help children who are struggling.

Vision syndromes, can include ocular motor dysfunctions. Which refers to the skills that are needed to move their eyes, are impaired for some reason.

Often, it is because the muscles are undeveloped. Or have a difficult time, which means that when children have ocular motor dysfunction. It can present itself in a number of troubling ways.

Frequently, children who have ocular motor dysfunctions. Have a hard time reading. Simply because there are several different ways that people use their eyes when they are reading information.

There is the saccadic, eye movement that is needed for reading. And this refers to the ability to focus on one word, and then move accurately to the next word. And when children have a hard time with this.

They often end up looking all over the page and many different words. Which can impact their ability to successfully read a passage. And definitely impacts their ability to comprehend the information they have read.

Therefore, while children might avoid reading. Or have a difficult time with it in class. If a teacher notices that a child is struggling with reading. They can ask them to read a passage, in order to find out what is going on.

If they have a difficult time following one word to the next sequentially. This could indicate a saccadic eye movement problem. That they can advise the parent to take them in for an assessment.


However, this is not the only movement needed for reading. There is also the pursuit eye movement. Which means the ability to follow from one line of text to another properly.

When children have a difficult time with this particular eye movement. They may read the same line of text multiple times. Or read the wrong line of text. Because they have a hard time finding where to start.

Again, they may avoid reading if they require cross eye treatment. Or have a difficult time reading themselves. But when a parent or teacher asks the child to read out loud. They may realize where the problem is, so that they know where to go for answers.

Finally, another problem that children can have when they have a vision syndrome or an ocular motor dysfunction. Is simply having a hard time focusing on an object.

Which makes it very difficult to read, since it requires focusing on many words very quickly. And this can impact their ability to read information. And whether they need a cross eye treatment

When this is the problem with children. Teachers should make the recommendation to get an eye exam. And parents should be able to identify this in their child, to get them to a visual therapist.

When parents take their child to vision by design. They will routinely look for ocular motor dysfunctions in children. Because it is often undiagnosed underdiagnosed. And leads children to struggle where they do not need to.

Cross Eye Treatment | Getting Help for Vision Syndromes

Often, parents understand that they need to find cross eye treatment for their child. Because this particular vision syndrome is easy to spot. However, most vision syndromes, and ocular motor dysfunctions are not this easy to diagnose.

In fact, in Canada, one in four children are under diagnosed. With their ocular motor dysfunction. And even if a child has a cross eye, and requires a cross eye treatment.

Chances are quite high that they also have another ocular motor dysfunction. Because when people have one vision syndrome, they often have another one as well.

Therefore, knowing where to take their child when they have visual issues. Is extremely important. And while most parents think that they only need to take their child to an optometrist if they have trouble seeing.

Going for a routine eye exam, especially at vision by design is so important. Because they will be able to diagnose a number of eye problems early. To help get the right treatment.

But also, at vision by design. They have vision therapists on staff. And during any child’s routine eye exam. They look for several different signs of ocular motor dysfunction as well as vision syndromes.

So that they can diagnose this problem faster. And help improve the quality of life for the child. Who may be struggling, and not understand why.


During the routine eye exam, if the vision therapist does see something that is troubling. They may ask the parent to bring the child in for further and more comprehensive testing.

In order to see exactly what is going on with their ocular motor skills. They will look for the child’s I teaming ability. As well as their focusing ability. Because their ability to see, and read may be compromised if they struggle with this.

As well, vision therapists are going to do an in-depth assessment of the child’s ocular motor skills. Which will help the visual therapist make a diagnosis.

And come up with the right treatment plan, on what vision therapy program they recommend. That is custom designed for each child. In order to help them fix their particular vision syndrome, or ocular motor dysfunction.

And whether it is simply a cross eye treatment and nothing more. Or something more complex, that requires a very involved vision therapy program. Children will be able to get the help they need from this vision therapy program.

Bringing their child regularly to vision by design is an important way that not only are they taking care of their child’s health. They are ensuring that the child does not need corrective lenses. And if they do, they can get them to help them see properly.

They also going to ensure that they do not have any ocular motor dysfunctions. But if they do, they will be able to get the help they need quickly.