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Concussion Treatment | Treating Injuries From Concussions

Concussion Treatment | Treating Injuries From Concussions

One of the reasons why people may not see coach the right concussion treatment. Following injury causing a concussion. Is because they may have thought that their injuries are not significant enough.

Or they may simply think that they did not actually have concussion. Especially if there injury did not involve a blow to the head. Because although concussions can happen without being hit in the head.

Many people are under the misconception that concussions will only happen when they are hit in the head. Which means many people can be walking around with symptoms from a concussion and not realize it.

In fact, many people may not also realize. That it is possible to damage aspects of their visual system when they do get a concussion. So even if they realize what their injuries are.

They may not connect their symptoms with the injury. And therefore, are not able to find the right concussion treatment. Because they are treating the wrong things.

The reason why concussions typically end up with some damage to the visual system. Is because many different activities depend on use of some aspect of the visual system.

Such as communication, walking, and fine motor skills. Will use some aspect of a person’s vision. And in fact, there are three hundred neural connections all over a person’s brain. Dealing with vision.

And thirty-two different centres of the brain that deals with vision. Therefore, no matter what part of the brain was injured in a concussion. They likely will have damaged some part of their visual system.


And when they have sustained damage to their visual system. There general practitioner Dr., or their physiotherapist will not be able to help them heal.

Because they require a specific kind of concussion treatment. One issued by visual therapist, who has created the right treatment for their injury.

What makes the issue even more complex. Is that people often also think that if they do not have symptoms immediately following their injury. That they will not have any symptoms at all.

However, symptoms can show up anywhere between immediately after the injury. To week and half later. So they should always be diligent following a concussion, and be aware of any changes in their behaviour or abilities.

In fact, even getting a brain scan to soon after a concussion. Will result in a doctor not seeing all the damage from the injury. Because it takes a while to show up on a brain scan.

Therefore, the best treatment within the first 24 to 48 hours after an injury. Will be to take two days of cognitive rest. And avoid activities like reading, or cell phone use.

And take some physical rest. By allowing themselves to not exert themselves too much. So that they can allow their body as much time to heal from the event.

When they heal properly, and take it easy. They will also be able to tell very easily if they are experiencing new symptoms from the injury. That can help them find the right concussion for their injury.

Concussion Treatment | Treating Injuries From Concussions

It is extremely important for patients of the brain injury to find the right concussion treatment. Because after a traumatic brain injury, no matter how mild that injury seems. People need to find the right therapy to heal. Because they want to heal all on their own.

In fact, many people who are experiencing some common symptoms of a concussion. Our walking around with the symptoms for many years. Trying all sorts of treatments to help heal themselves.

When the issue is that they need right concussion treatment to repair the broken or missing connections. That happened when they got their brain injury.

And three hundred neural connections in the brain dealing with the visual system. And thirty-two centres of the brain that deals with vision in some way.

It is very important for people to understand that a concussion can affect many different aspects of their brain. Including their visual system. Requiring help from a visual therapist.

Some common symptoms of the damaged visual system following a concussion. Include eyestrain, headaches and blurred or double vision. And these can be consistent, or come and go.

In fact, it is more likely to be concussion damage. If a person experiences blurred or double vision intermittently throughout the day. Such as at the end of the day, they have a hard time focusing on the road when they drive home.


Other symptoms of a damaged visual system following a concussion. Include balance issues, dry eye, and being hypersensitive to motion. Even reporting feeling dizzy or nauseous.

When these are there symptoms, it is important that they see a visual therapist. Instead of just a general doctor, or a physiotherapist. Because the visual therapist will know how to treat these issues.

And during a regular examination, they have many different tests that they can utilize. To determine what parts of the visual system are damaged. And to what extent.

So that people can end up with an effective concussion treatment. To help them heal their damage, eliminate symptoms. And get back to normal as quickly as possible.

However, it is very important for people to not go to a visual therapist to quickly. Because while it can take up to ten days for symptoms to show up. Some of the symptoms may fade away quickly.

So by anywhere between 1 to 3 months after a concussion to get an evaluation by an optometrist who is trained in visual therapy. Can ensure that they are getting the right results for their issues.

They will be able to use tests to track visual inefficiencies including eye tracking, focus, motion sensitivity and balance. And then formulate the right treatment.

While people may not realize that they can have significant brain damage following a very mild concussion. It is possible, so anytime people sustain a brain injury. They should take it very seriously. And get the right treatment as quickly as possible.