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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Damage From Concussions Can Be Healed

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Damage From Concussions Can Be Healed

If a patient has suffered a concussion, getting the right treatment is imperative says eye doctor Edmonton. Because a body simply will not heal itself from concussion damage naturally.

This is why it is very common for people who have had a concussion. To deal with symptoms persistently for the next several months or years. Until they get the right treatment.

It is made even more difficult, when many people do not even realize that they have had a concussion. Because they have not been hit in the head necessarily, or that the injury that they sustained is very mild.

However, the percentage of concussions that have been following a head injury are much smaller. The number of concussions that happen through any other means.

Therefore, even if a person has have a very mild injury. Or that they have had a very mild concussion. The damage that their brain has sustained can be very long-lasting and persistent.

What happens to the brain during a concussion. Is that that the body had been. And therefore, when the body changes direction, the brain will hit the inside of a person’s skull and suffered damages.

The brain being suspended in brain fluid is designed to protect the brain, by giving it a cushion. And it does not take a lot of force of a person changing directions in order to hurt their brain.

A person could trip and fall, without even hitting their head. And have because their brain to hit the inside of their skull hard enough. To sustain concussion.

And while many people will experience symptoms immediately following the concussion. It can take up to two weeks for symptoms to develop. And when the injury itself is very mild.


Many people may not realize that the symptoms that they are experiencing are related to their incident. It is even more true when it comes to visual symptoms.

Because many people may not realize that the visual system can get damaged in a concussion. Or that the symptoms that they are experiencing are not obvious that they are dealing with the visual system.

Which can cause many people to attribute those symptoms to something else. Or at the very least, not attribute them to the concussion in the first place.

Some very common symptoms that point to a damaged visual system. Include blurred or double vision, difficulty reading or following motion. As well as having headaches, eyestrain and trouble focusing.

Other symptoms that are less obvious that it is a visual system problem. Include dry eyes. Which can have many people thinking that they are in front of their computer too much says eye doctor Edmonton.

When the problem actually is the part of the brain that regulates the blinking of their eyes is damaged. And they do not blink their eyes as often as they should. Which is why they have dry eyes.

Other symptoms can include dizziness, nausea, light sensitivity and balance problems. And not all of these symptoms are very obviously related to their visual system.

This is why they should make a routine part of any concussion therapy. For patients to see their eye doctor Edmonton. For the proper assessment, and subsequent treatment.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Damage From Concussions Can Be Healed

If a person has suffered a concussion in the past says eye doctor Edmonton. They might be living with persistent symptoms. Especially when they are unaware that the symptoms are related to their brain injury.

In fact, it is very common for many people to not even realize that they have suffered a brain injury. Because they were not hit in the head. And are not aware that their brain the inside of their skull.

However, if people are seeing their eye doctor on a regular basis. They will be able to tell if a person is suffering from typical symptoms of a visual system problem.

And if the optometrist suspects that there is visual system damage caused by a possible concussion. They can ask the patient to come in for a more thorough assessment.

This assessment can last anywhere between one and three hours. And includes a wide variety of tests. Such as looking at the muscles of the visual system, to see how well they are working.

Looking at the tissue for potential trauma, as well as seeing if the connections in the brain have been affected. Once they see all of the damage, eye doctors will be able to create a treatment plan.

This treatment plan may be as simple as prescription glasses. Glasses with a coating to minimize symptoms. Such as prisms that minimize balance issues.

Or tinted glasses that can reduce the hypersensitivity to light or motion. And while these glasses can help people minimize symptoms permanently.


Other times, it is just a temporary solution. While a patient is undergoing visual therapy rehabilitation. To permanently heal the broken connections in their brain.

The visual therapy rehabilitation, often referred to as physiotherapy for the eyes. Actually helps the body heal those damaged and broken connections in the brain.

And when they fix and strengthen those connections. They can eventually permanently heal the damage to the visual system in a patient’s brain.

This could take several weeks, several months or longer. But because the results are long-lasting and permanent. It is well worth patient’s efforts, to continue to come to the therapy sessions.

However, eye doctor Edmonton does offer a word of caution. That while they can heal their brain permanently from a concussion. After any patient has received one concussion.

Future concussions can cause greater damage to the brain. Even if the brain has healed. Therefore, it is imperative that patients do everything that they can. To avoid concussions in the future.

If they have undergone any physiotherapy, before seeing their eye doctor Edmonton. They may find that they are unable to heal as effectively as their physiotherapist that they should.

Which is why it is very important that any time a patient has had a concussion. That they see their eye doctor Edmonton. And have those doctors collaborate for a full body treatment solution.