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Concussion Treatment | Concussion Symptoms to Know

Concussion Treatment | Concussion Symptoms to Know

It is very important for patients to know to seek out the right concussion treatment. If they have suffered a concussion no matter how mild or serious the injury is.

However, when misconception that people often have when it comes to concussions. Is that they need to get hit ahead in order for it to be considered a concussion.

Therefore, if they have suffered a bad injury, but they were not hit in the head at the same time. They may overlook their juries. Adult not and not connect the symptoms that they have to a head injury.

However, what causes a concussion. Is the brain hitting the inside of the skull. And while that when a person gets hit in the head. Even a sudden change in direction or velocity can cause the brain to hit the inside of the skull.

Resulting in a concussion, no matter what part of the brain was hit during the event. When this happens, people can end up with symptoms immediately following the event.

Or symptoms may take anywhere between 7 to 10 days to show up afterwards. If people are aware that they have had a concussion. They should understand that the best concussion treatment immediately following the injury.

Is that people should be allowed to sleep as much or as little as their body feels is necessary. So that they can start the healing process in a way that is natural to their body.

As well, people should modify their activities in the first twenty-four hours following a concussion. If they know that there injury resulted in a concussion.


Because they should not undergo any initial concussion treatment. Especially because it can take up to ten days for their concussion symptoms to show up. Which means their injuries might not appear on a brain scan.

So knowing what activities they should avoid and engage in within the first twenty-four hours. Can help them significantly minimize the damage that can happen to their brain.

Within the first twenty-four hours, most doctors suggest getting physical as well as cognitive rest as the first treatment that they should have.

Which means they should avoid things such as reading, or cell phone use. To give their brain a rest. In addition to that, they should get some physical rest. However this does not necessarily mean headrest.

Just avoiding physical strain, such as avoiding an intense workout, or avoiding things that are going to put the body in a position of strain. They should feel free to move around, walk, or do light activity like that.

After 24 to 48 hours, they can get back to the physical activity that they are comfortable with. While being aware of all of the different symptoms they are experiencing.

So that they can go to their doctor, their physical therapist and their visual therapist. To come up with the right treatment to help them heal their brain from this injury that they have experienced.

Concussion Treatment | Concussion Symptoms to Know

When people have experienced a concussion, they may not be thinking about finding the right concussion treatment. But the symptoms that they have will indicate what the best treatment for them will be.

However, while a concussion can happen to any part of a person’s brain. Such as either left or right side. Or the front or the back. People might have wide variety of symptoms.

Affecting their ability to walk, their ability to talk. Or even affecting their fine motor skills. Depending on what part of the brain was injured. However, visual therapists say that chances are extremely high.

That people who have suffered from a concussion will likely have damaged some aspect of their visual system. Simply because their visual system is involved in so many other actions and activities.

So that no matter what part of the brain was injured. Chances are that some part of their visual system was in that part of the brain. And was likely to have gotten damaged in the injury.

In fact, there are over three hundred neural connections in the brain dealing with a person’s visual system. As well as thirty-two centres of the brain. That deal with the vision in one way or another.

Therefore, it is very common for people to have visual symptoms following a concussion. However, they may not recognize them specifically as visual symptoms.


Therefore, they should be aware of what these symptoms are. So that when they experience them. It can get themselves to a doctor as well as a visual therapist as quickly as possible.

They can experience symptoms such as eyestrain, and double vision as well as a blurred vision. And while these are some very obvious symptoms of a damaged visual system.

Other symptoms such as dry eye, headaches and balance issues are less obvious. Or having people feel nauseous, dizzy or sensitive to motion. May make them think that their problem is with their ear and not with their vision system.

Therefore, if they are still experiencing these symptoms up to a month after their concussion. They should make an appointment with the visual therapist for an examination.

They will be able to determine if a patient has sustained damage to their visual system. And what treatment they recommend to help heal that part of their brain.

And if a patient is already working with a doctor, or a physiotherapist to heal other areas of their body and brain. The visual therapist is typically more than happy to work together as a team.

To ensure that all of the treatments that they are utilizing work well together. So that a patient can receive complete concussion treatment, that is going to help them heal all areas of their brain completely and effectively.

It is very important for people who have had a concussion to know. That even if it has been a mild concussion. And they do not think that they sustained much damage. That no matter how mild their injuries are.

That they will not heal on their own from this injury. And talking to the right professionals getting the right concussion treatment is of paramount importance.