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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms After A Concussion

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms After A Concussion

If a person has experienced a concussion, eye doctor Edmonton says. They should understand that symptoms can show up anywhere between immediately after the event. To two weeks later.

And chances are quite high, they will experience some symptoms of a damaged visual system. Simply because there are so many connections in the brain that relates to vision.

Therefore, there is a high degree of probability. That no matter what part of the brain was damaged. That some visual connections were in that part of the brain. And are causing symptoms for patient.

While there are some very obvious symptoms. That something ought is going on with the visual system following a concussion. Such as blurred vision, double vision, and trouble focusing the eyes.

Not all symptoms are that obvious. Such as headaches, and dry eye. Which is caused by the part of their brain that regulates blinking being damaged. That ends up with the person not blinking often enough.

While this can end up with the person thinking that the problem is that their living in a dry climate such as Alberta. Or that they are spending too much time on the computer.

No matter what they do to fix the symptoms. The symptoms will likely persist. And when it comes to damage from a concussion, that damage will not heal on its own.

This is why is extremely important for patients of a concussion to eventually see an eye doctor Edmonton. In order to get the right assessment and diagnosis.


In some cases, all they need is some prescription glasses. Or glasses that have a special coating on them. Such as a tenant, that can minimize their light sensitivity.

Or coating that contains a prisms in it, that can help them minimize their balance problems.

But for more severe damage. Eye doctor often recommends an Nero optometric rehabilitation program. Which is also considered to be physiotherapy for the visual system.

This requires a patient going to the eye doctor Edmonton on a regular basis for several weeks or months. Until the damage to the visual system is fixed.

However, one of the most positive things about this therapy. Is that it actually fixes the damage to the brain. So that the symptoms that are minimized are minimized because the brain is healed.

And the effects of the therapy will be permanent, because the damage that is causing those symptoms will not be there any longer. This is why it is so important for all concussion patients to see their optometrist.

However, even if they are able to completely fix the damage caused by a concussion. Patients who had one concussion need to be very careful in the future.

The reason why, is because all future concussions after the first one. Can cause even more damage to a patient’s brain than the first one caused.

Therefore, taking care not to get another concussion in the future. Is going to be the key and helping ensure that the therapy that they went to fix their damaged visual system. Remain fixed, and they will not have to undergo the process again.

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Symptoms After A Concussion

many people are suffering from a damaged visual system following a concussion says eye doctor Edmonton. And are not even aware that they suffered a concussion in the first place.

While many people make the assumption that concussions are caused by a head injury. Only a very small percentage of concussions come from head injuries.

While the majority of concussions are caused by another accident, that did not result in a person hitting their head. Whiplash is a very common cause of a concussion, that did not result in a blow to the head.

Therefore, people need to be very aware of what common symptoms of a damaged visual system can be. So that they are experiencing these, they can get themselves in for proper assessment.

Some symptoms are very common, such as eyestrain, blurred vision, and having difficult time focusing up close or far away. However not all symptoms are this comment.

Dry eye is a common symptom, so is eyestrain, headaches and light sensitivity. People can experience balance problems, an experienced dizziness and nausea, especially when triggered by motion.

While these are all common symptoms of a damaged visual system. Especially if a person is not aware that they had a concussion. It can be very difficult for their doctor to diagnose.

However, it is very easy for their eye doctor Edmonton to diagnose. Which is why people should not skip their yearly examination with their eye doctor. Even if they believe that their prescription is the same as previous years.


Depending on how severe a patient’s damage is, they might simply get a prescription of glasses that will minimize symptoms. However, there is visual therapy for more serious cases.

This visual therapy can actually help heal the connections in the brain that are damaged. And strengthen the connections that are there. To completely eliminate the symptoms. By healing the cause of the problem.

In fact, if patients are undergoing other forms of rehabilitation such as physiotherapy. They may want to have both of their doctor’s talk. Because their physiotherapy will be much more effective, when joined with the efforts of their visual therapy program.

The reason why, is because so many different body functions utilize vision at some point. Such as a balance, walking and hand eye coordination.

That if their physiotherapist is concerned that they are not healing as quickly as they should. Once they start utilizing the vision therapy program.

They may find that healing is a lot more effective, and thorough. The sooner they are able to get to their eye doctor Edmonton following a concussion.

The sooner they are going to be able to get the right diagnosis. And treatment for the problems and symptoms they are experiencing.

However, it is very important that patients do not go to the doctor soon as they concussion happens. That they wait at least a month. Because as it can take up to two weeks for their symptoms to appear. Patients should not want to see their doctor to soon. And Miss getting the right diagnosis.