Sarah Keep

People often ask me why I chose to become an eye doctor.  The truth is I have wanted to become an optometrist for as long as I can remember, and I truly love my job.

I feel fortunate to have two very distinct facets to my business.  I get to be a doctor in a dynamic medical professional that is constantly evolving and improving.  I love how technology is making huge advancements in detecting and treating diseases, and how our scope of practice continues to evolve to include so much more than just prescribing glasses.  You feel like you are really making a difference in someone’s life when a patient comes in for a routine examination and we are able to detect a systemic disease they had no idea they had!  On the other side I also love the fashion aspect of having an optical.  It is so much fun to be part of the fashion industry and follow the trends.  We have really embraced this in our clinic with our eyewear makeover events, and doing fun projects like participating in fashion week.   Glasses are one of my favorite accessories, and they are a great way to showcase your personality and style. 

How would you describe your personal style?  I love pieces that are unique.  Anything that is unexpected really appeals to me.  I love asymmetrical cuts, and clothing made with unique textures really appeal to me.

How do you incorporate glasses into your wardrobe?  I love dramatic statement frames with bold shapes and colors.  Whenever I get a new frame I always search for the perfect outfits to match.  I may be one of the only people who purchase my clothing around the styles of my glasses!

How many pairs of glasses and sunglasses do you own?  I get asked this a lot by patients who comment that I always have a different pair when they see me.  It's like having a great pair of shoes for each outfit!  I have a conservative pair that goes with everything, 3-4 bold statement frames with really fun colors, and one pair of prescription as well as non-prescription sunglasses so I can choose whether or not I want to wear my contact lenses in the summer. 


I’ve been at Vision by Design for almost a year now. When I first started as a part-time receptionist, I never imagined that I would be able to tap into my passions for fashion and writing. Working with Vision by Design, I’ve had the opportunity to take an active role in fun events, like CTV Morning Live and Western Canada Fashion Week. I’m currently completing my third year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and am working towards a career in the creative industry. I’m a firm believer that how we dress affects our confidence and that our confidence affects every aspect of our lives. When we present the best version of ourselves through how we dress, the world becomes a more promising place.

What is your favourite fashion trend this summer? I am really liking the 70’s styles that are coming out. The off-shoulder blouses and high waisted jeans are flattering on many body types.

Where do you get style inspiration from? Instagram, blogs, fashion magazines, old movies

If you could steal a celebrity's style, who would it be? I would raid the closets of Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller any day!

What tips do you have for staying trendy on a budget? Mixing and matching classic basics with one or two trendy pieces, like a hat or unique statement jewellery. Investing in good quality basics ensures that you always look put together and unique accessories will update your look each season.

If you could only purchase three new pieces this summer, what would they be?

off-shoulder blouse, t-shirt dress, caged heels