Ray Ban Wayfarer: The Icon of Yesterday and Today

Ray Ban Wayfarer

The Ray Ban Wayfarer is one of the only staple sunglasses that has withstood the test of time after surviving decades of emerging and dying fashion trends since the 1950s.

When you think of classic Ray Ban Wayfarer, you might picture Buddy Holly on stage at the historic Surf Ballroom or the Blues Brothers rolling by in the Monaco. You might even imagine Madonna playing it cool in Desperately Seeking Susan or Tom Cruise sliding in his socks across the floor in Risky Business.


Why the sudden flashback? Because the Ray Ban Wayfarer celebrates legends of  the past while proving it is still sleek, cool and stylish for legends of today. Its motto:  Eyewear for people who dare to be different.

Today, the Wayfarer is worn by some of the most recognized style icons and celebrities, including Matthew McConaughey, Jessica  Alba, David Beckham and Beyonce to name a few. But the Wayfarer’s celebrity status isn’t entirely why this frame deserves its own  special feature. This particular frame has a signature classic look that exudes a type of effortless, casual appeal all while upping the  ante in style, and it’s affordable.

The Ray Ban Wayfarer is not only available to the rich and famous. This legend frame costs less than $200.00 and is available in a number of sizes and colours.

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The Ray Ban Wayfarer has an average lens width of 50mm and a bridge width of 22mm which means it offers a snug fit best suited to smaller face shapes, but has a comfortable amount of room for wide nose bridges.

Have a prescription to fill? The Ray Ban Wayfarer is a perfect frame choice for prescription sunglasses because of its relatively flat front which reduces the chance of blurred or morphed vision in your peripherals. Plus, it’s suitable for those who have a high astigmatism or require line or no-line bifocals.


ray-ban-never-hide-vintage-ad Interested in owning your own Wayfarer?

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