Eye On Style Intro

Eyewear makeover

I was at a conference one year where they were discussing stats on eyewear.  One that really stuck with me was that the top wardrobe items people hate shopping for is swimsuits followed by glasses.  In our shop we always have so much fun choosing which new pieces we want to bring into the office; and personally love finding fun new frames in bold colors and unique shapes, so I was surprised to hear people were not having as much fun as we were when they shop for glasses.

I wanted to change this!

We started our eyewear makeover events only a few months ago and have been having so much fun helping people find a perfect new look.  I get why buying glasses is scary.  It’s so hard to objectively look at yourself, and know what works with your face shape and complexion, especially when you are trying to move out of your comfort zone to find something completely different.  I get that no one wants to get stuck with a horrible frame that they don’t feel comfortable in.  We love educating patients on their face shape, skin tones, and eyewear trends.  We love seeing how excited they get when they can use this information to find a perfect piece that matches their personal style.  We have had so much fun thinking outside of the box and doing things like bringing in a makeup line, a professional makeup artist, and offering perfect accessories for your new frames.  My inner fashionista is so excited to see the transformations patients having in their appearance and confidence after our makeover events.

Now if only we could do the same with bathing suits!