Eye on Style: Behind the Blush

Meet one of Edmonton’s best hair and make-up duo: Behind the Blush. Vision by Design had a moment to chat with Stefani Carlson and Janna Huget about hair, make-up ad their eclectic personal style. Read more in our interview with Behind the Blush below.


Hi there! What are your names?
Janna Huget and Stefanie Carlson

What’s your Instagram handle?

Tell us a little about yourselves.
J and S: We have known each other for almost 10 years now and we used to even be roommates at one point!

How long have you been working in the hair and makeup industry?
J and S: We have been in the hair and makeup industry for over 7 years now and as Behind the Blush for 2 years.

How would you describe your personal style?
J and S: Minimalist with some fun pieces added. We both dress pretty simple when it comes to our jobs and freelancing. For events we love dressing up and wearing bright/patterned pieces.

What is your favourite fashion trend this summer?
J: Right now I’m all about that 70’s BoHo look.
S: I still love all of the olive green and denim that is happening this summer.

Describe your dream wardrobe.
J and S: We both love everything that the Olsen twins wear. Wouldn’t hate having some of the Row in our lives

If you could steal a celebrities style, who would it be and why?
S: Nicole Richie- I love how she is a style chameleon and of course all of her fun hair choices.
J: Sienna Miller- I love her BoHo/rocker vibe and the fact that she is British as well

How do you incorporate glasses into your wardrobe?
J and S: We both have our staple sunglasses that go with every outfit but for a beach getaway it’s fun to have a pair of sunglasses that are a bit more outlandish.

What about incorporating your hair style and make up with the style of your glasses?
J and S: Sunglasses are the best because they mean you can get away with wearing less makeup in general. For a bolder pair of sunglasses we like putting your hair back away from your face maybe in a Dutch braid to show off the sunnies.

How many pairs of glasses/sunglasses do you own?
J: I’d say I own about 6 pairs of sunglasses.
S: I own 3 pairs of sunglasses.

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