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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Eyewear Makeover Testimonial

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Eyewear Makeover Testimonial

Not only do we look at how different frames look on various face shapes. But we also ensure the colors of the frames work with the people’s coloring! Stop wondering if your glasses are right for you, and come in!

Our customer is a client service advisor for scale company. She has two kids and two grandsons. She runs her own charity called Purses For Hope. She loves camping, gardening, working with animal rescues, as well as spending time with her family and friends.

For her, we chose a red and black Boz frame that had intricate designs along the top sides. Not only did the frames fit her face shape, but the color works so well with her complexion! And of course they suit her busy lifestyle that includes camping and gardening, rescuing animals, running a charity and spending quality time with her children and grandchildren!

For more information on our makeovers, click here! And if you would like an eyewear makeover, please reach out to us at 780-444-6407

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