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Eye Doctor Edmonton | Eyewear Makeover Customer Testimonial

Eye Doctor Edmonton | Eyewear Makeover Customer Testimonial

We love helping people find their perfect frames! Take a look this great success story, and a very happy customer!

“I have been wearing glasses or contacts basically for my whole life. I’m at the stage where I don’t want to bother with contact lenses anymore so I look for glasses that match my personality- funky, fun, but professional! I couldn’t be happier with my latest purchase! I think they look outstanding!”

For her, we chose a Lafont frame that has marbling throughout with green accents on the top, the cat eye accentuates the eyes and provides a lift. As well as an Eco sunglass frame for her second pair. Not only was she in love with both looks, every time one of our clients buys a second pair of glasses, they come with a discount! Even more reasons to find the right frames! If you would like more information on our eyewear makeover, please click here on Eyewear Makeovers.

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