How does digital eye strain impact work?

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Studies have shown that sufferers of eyestrain’s productivity is impacted by their eye issues. Employees can use up to 15 minutes of work time a day as a result of digital eye strain, and the knock on effect for the company hits the bottom line. It is estimated that companies are losing more than $2,000 per year per affected employee.
Women tend to be more vocal when it comes to digital eye strain, and they are more likely to say that they suffer from visual disturbances while they work. Interestingly, while women say they are impacted by digital eye strain more than men do, men are more likely to say that they take breaks because of their eye strain issues.
Today, most employees are taking multiple breaks throughout the day on account of vision problems.The average person takes two breaks per day, but nearly one-third of workers are taking three or more breaks and 13% are taking more than five as a result of suffering from eye strain issues. There are more than 10 million visits to eye doctors every year for digital eye strain related problems.

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