Edmonton Optometrist

Before And After Photoshoot

One of the best parts about working in an optical is the before and afters. We’ve heard it again and again: stories of experiences at opticals where people either received far from helpful service or subpar, “mainstream” product. There will always be a need for those kinds of opticals, but we know from the feedback from our patients that most people want the “wow” factor. We recently did a photo shoot with some of our patients who stood out in our mind as having a wonderful transformation in their new glasses. When we called the women to ask if they would be part of the photo shoot most of them responded that they thought we had the wrong number, surprised that we would choose them for a photoshoot.  You could tell everyone was pretty nervous to be in front of the camera when we first started. It was great to see how everyone was so supportive of one another. You could constantly overhear the ladies complimenting each other on how amazing they looked. The women shared some really touching stories about how something as simple as a little makeover has given them so much renewed confidence. By the end of the shoot everyone was coming out of their shells. They had gotten much more comfortable in front of the camera and were striking more daring poses. The room was full of laughter and encouragement.  I was really honored that these women would take the time to do the photo shoot for us.  Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog posts where we will feature their before and after looks.