Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Issues With The Visual System

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Issues With Vision

Often, when parents here of the visual system problem, they assume their child needs lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And while that is one problem with the visual system. It is not the only problem that children could have with their visual system.

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Unfortunately, one complication. That keeps children from getting the right diagnosis. Is if they go in for a routine eye exam. And come back with perfect vision. Parents often associate perfect vision.

With their child not having any visual system problem. But since the visual system is so complicated and complex. That even though they might have perfect vision. That does not mean that they do not have a problem with their visual system.

There are so many different visual skills. And so many are used in reading. Not only do children need to focus on things close up. But they also need to move their eyes from word to word. As well as focus.

And then follow all of the words to the end of the line. And then jump down to the next line in the paragraph. To continue reading. Therefore, there are many different visual systems being accused of reading.

In fact, according to the optometrists and vision therapists at vision by design. 80% of learning contains visual components. And if any of the visual system has problems. Then the child might have issues learning. Or they may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

The next thing that vision therapists want parents to know. Is that children are not going to be able to articulate. If they have a problem with reading or learning in general. And the main reason for this.

Is because they have no idea that what they are experiencing is not normal. Because this is the only thing that they have ever experienced. And therefore, rather than say they have pain or blurred vision when they read.


They simply might avoid the things that cause pain. Or hard to do. Therefore, problems with the visual system. Can actually come across as behavioural problems.

And a child who might need just a lazy eye treatment inadvertent. May actually be diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. And then have parents wonder why the medication is not helping them.

Therefore, parents need to be very aware of the behaviours that they should be concerned with. That point to a visual system problem. Rather than an attention disorder, such as ADD or ADHD.

The biggest red flag according to vision therapists at vision by design. Is avoidance of near work, or lack of attention to visual tasks. However, they may pay attention to things that are not visual.

They might follow directions, or enjoy concentrating hard on things that are not visually based. Because if they can concentrate and pay attention. Then it is likely that they have a visual system problem.

And not have ADD or ADHD. Or, another red flag could be that children avoid reading whenever possible. But they love being read to by their parents.

by being aware of the behaviours. Can help parents get their child to the right therapist at vision might sign. In order to make a diagnosis that can help them.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Issues With Your Visual System

Many parents may make the assumption that if their child is not paying attention in school, they have ADD or ADHD is that of requiring something like a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

The reason why many parents make that assumption. Is because children who have problems with their visual systems. Often have behaviours of avoiding the near work, that causes them discomfort when they try to read.

They might avoid doing homework, or not sit in class and read. Or might display frustration with their schoolwork. That they are not going to articulate to their parents, that it is uncomfortable, or they have blurred or double vision.

The biggest reason why they are not going to mention this to their parents. Is because they have no idea the that what they are experiencing is not normal. Especially because this is how things have been their entire life.

Therefore, before they assume that a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD is accurate. They should take their child into vision by design for routine eye exam. To help get the right diagnosis. And ultimately, the right treatment.

They might need to undergo a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Or a treatment for many other visual problems. And ultimately, taking them to vision by design is going to help them get the diagnosis they need.

How this will work, his parents will bring their child in for a routine eye exam. And let the optometrists know of troubling science, or problems with schoolwork that the child is having.


And during the eye exam. If the optometrist sees anything that would point to potential problems with the visual system. It can make the referral to the vision therapist on staff right away.

Therefore, the vision therapist will be able to bring the child back in for more substantial testing. Whether going to be able to use many different tests to look at different visual systems.

There they will find out if they have something like convergence insufficiency, accommodative issue or a night tracking issue. Or if they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Once they treat the right issue, their child will be able to stop having problems when they read. And that will help them overcome the problems that they have.

They could have a convergence insufficiency. Which is the most common visual problem in children. And is often referred to as binoculars vision. And refers to not being able to turn eyes in.

That is required to be able to focus on things close up. And children who have this, they try to focus close up. But all they see is that blur. Or, they will be able to focus for a second or two. Then it will look like double words.

No matter what the jewel system problem is. Getting the child to vision by design will help ensure that they can get the right diagnosis. And eventually, the right treatment that can help them overcome their visual problems.