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Lazy Eye Treatment | When Children Have Trouble Reading

Lazy Eye Treatment | When Children Have Trouble Reading

When children have trouble reading, they often need a lazy eye treatment. Because it means that they have an ocular motor dysfunction. And when they get the right treatment, they will no longer have a difficult time reading.

In fact, according to the studies, one for children in Canada. Have an undiagnosed vision syndrome. That requires treatment beyond corrective lenses.

There are several different ocular motor dysfunctions that parents should be aware of. And when a child has one ocular motor dysfunction, such as lazy eye. They often have other dysfunctions as well.

Therefore, when they get the right diagnosis, they can get the right lazy eye treatment. That can treat not just the lazy eye, but all of their deficiencies that they may be suffering from as well.

One ocular motor dysfunction that is common in children. Is the skill needed to move eyes together as a team. And it is also referred to as saccadic, eye movement.

This is going from one object to the other visually. Such as when people are reading, they need to move from one word to the other and so on. Until they finish reading all of the words on one line.

If they have difficulty with their saccadic eye movement, reading becomes an incredible chore. And their comprehension about what they are reading is very low.

Because they have a difficult time understanding what is being said. Therefore, vision therapy can help them gain control of their saccadic eye movement.

Another type of ocular motor dysfunction that people should be aware of. Is the pursuit eye movement. When the eyes need to stay steady on a moving target.


Such as when they are following a ball in sports, if they have a difficult time with pursuit eye movement. They may appear uncoordinated, when it is actually their eyes that are to blame.

Also, when people have a difficult time with their pursuit eye movement. It can be difficult to read as well. Because they need to be able to go from one line of text, the next line of text below it.

And if they have a hard time following a target, they may jump down several lines and not realize it. Which also makes their comprehension of what they are reading extremely low.

As well, another type of ocular motor dysfunction is having a hard time fixating on a stationary target. If a person is unable to focus on an object. It makes it extremely difficult to process visual information.

And whether they need a lazy eye treatment, or visual therapy program to treat several different ocular motor dysfunctions. The first step is getting a diagnosis.

Therefore, if parents notice that their child has trouble reading, or avoids doing homework. Or wants to avoid playing sports. These are all signs that can point to ocular motor dysfunction.

Taking them to a visual therapist, such as vision by design. Can help get the right diagnosis. Because they routinely test children for different visual deficiencies. And if they suspect a child has an ocular motor dysfunction.

They can ask parents to bring the child in for a more comprehensive test. So that they can formulate the right treatment, to help children focus their eyes and have a much easier time learning.

Lazy Eye Treatment | When Children Have Trouble Reading

There are many things that children may struggle with in school, that can lead to getting a lazy eye treatment. Because many children actually have undiagnosed vision syndromes. That require vision therapy in order to fix.

In lazy eyes, people have a hard time getting their eyes to work as a team. Whether it is focusing, tracking objects, or moving their eyes from one object to another.

And it is very common. That once parents bring their child in for lazy eye treatment. That the visual therapist finds other ocular motor dysfunctions. That all can be treated at the same time.

When they bring their child in to a visual therapist for an eye exam. They will have several different tests to find out exactly what patients visual deficiencies are. So that they can come up with a comprehensive treatment plan.

They will test for things such as I teaming ability, the ability to focus. And an in-depth assessment of their ocular motor skills. And once they finish their examination, they will have a better idea of what treatment is needed.

The way ocular motor dysfunctions are treated. Is through a customized vision therapy program. Customized to each patient. And there specific ocular motor dysfunction.

And whether they just need a lazy eye treatment, or something more complex. They are going to be able to get the help that they need in order to control where their eyes are pointing.


So that they can focus easier, track objects. And that will help them not only with all of their schooling, such as reading, writing and even copying notes from a blackboard.

But parents should also notice that their child has dramatic changes in their behaviour. As well as their emotions after completing a vision therapy program.

Not only will the child start being more enthusiastic to go to school. But they also will no longer put off doing homework the way they used to. And can have increased reading speed.

But also increased reading comprehension. Because when they are able to read or effectively. They will be able to understand what they are reading. And it can become an enjoyable task where it was not before.

They also might enjoy sports where they did not before. Because they can follow the ball, so that they can kick it or hit it or catch it. Which can also help with their socializing.

Because they are able to play with other children effectively. They may even appear more coordinated. Because they are able to process their visual world around them.

And all of these changes will increase their confidence, and their happiness especially when it is going to school. Parents that are looking for the right lazy eye treatment for their child. Should look no further than going to vision by design, for a complete assessment.