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Lazy Eye Treatment | When Children Have Difficulty Reading

Lazy Eye Treatment | When Children Have Difficulty Reading

Often, when children have a hard time reading, their parents may assume they need a lazy eye treatment. Because they recognize that their child’s eyes are not working as a team.

However, before they should jump to the conclusion that it is a lazy eye treatment that they need. They should take their child to a vision therapist, such as vision by design. Who will be able to make the right diagnosis.

Not only are many children, such as one and four. Walking around with an undiagnosed vision syndrome. They also tend to have more than one problem at a time.

Therefore, if a child has a lazy eye, where one I will not focus. And the child has a hard time getting both of their eyes to work as a team. They might have other issues that are contributing to the problem.

One common ocular motor dysfunction. That the vision therapists add vision by design notice in the patient’s that they treat. Is called saccades, or saccadic eye movement.

And what saccadic eye movement is referring to. Is the ability to successfully move from looking at one object to another. Such as reading requires looking at one word, and then moving to the next one.

Therefore, when a child is having a difficult time with their saccadic eye movement. They may jump to several different words all over the page. Which can impact their ability to read a passage successfully.

Which will also negatively impact their ability to comprehend what they are reading. Therefore, when a child has problems with their saccadic eye movement.


They will tend to take an extremely long time to read a seemingly simple passage. But also, they will lack an understanding about what they just read was about.

However, difficulty with saccadic eye movement is not the only ocular motor dysfunction. That is going to cause them to have a hard time reading. Children also could have a difficult time with what is referred to as pursuit eye movement.

What this is, is a difficult time following a moving target. Such as following a ball when children are playing sports. Or following a player during a game.

However, pursuit eye movement also affects their ability to read, specifically when it comes to following a line. Then having to read this start of the line immediately below the one that they were on.

If they have a hard time with their pursuit eye movement. Visual therapists say that they may move to the same line, a line or two above or below the line that they were reading on.

Which also could make reading difficult, and slower. As well as cause the reading comprehension to dramatically decrease. As children do not know exactly what they are reading.

Regardless of what kind of ocular motor dysfunction. And whether they need a lazy eye treatment or something else. The visual therapists at vision by design are going to be able to come up with a customized treatment plan to help each child individually.

Lazy Eye Treatment | When Children Have Difficulty Reading

There are many things that can affect a child’s ability to read, requiring a lazy eye treatment. Or need some other visual therapy program. And if they suspect their child has difficult time reading or focusing. They should make an appointment with vision by design.

Even though many people know that vision by design is an optometrist. They also should know that they have vision therapists on staff. Who can also check for ocular motor dysfunction.

But more than just diagnose problems with their ocular functions. They also can come up with a treatment plan. And treat patients on site. With a customized vision therapy program.

So that whether it is a lazy eye treatment that they are going through. Or something to treat a different ocular motor dysfunction. They can get a diagnosis, a treatment plan and therapy all in one location.

So if a parent notices that their child is struggling in school. Either with reading or with sports. Or if their teacher alerts apparent to the fact that their child is struggling.

The only thing that they need to do, is make an appointment with vision by design. Because they will routinely test children for different ocular dysfunctions.

And if these preliminary tests show that a child may be suffering from different ocular dysfunctions. They will ask the parent to book in the child for a more comprehensive test.


This visual efficiency exam will look for things such as the child’s ability to focus on stationary objects. As well as track moving objects as well. I teaming ability, and a variety of other tests that can help diagnose the problem correctly.

At the end of this comprehensive eye exam. The visual therapist will be able to discuss the child’s ocular motor dysfunction with the parents. And advise what kind of treatment plan they recommend.

Then by bringing the child into the vision by design office on a regular basis. The visual therapists will use a customized program. To help the child learn how to train their eyes to work together.

Not only is this an effective lazy eye treatment. That is better and more helpful than patching a child. But it is also going to be therapy program that gets better results, more quickly than patching ever could.

After the child successfully completes the vision therapy program. Parents should notice a drastic change in their child. Not just in their studies, and there coordination.

But also in their mood, as they are no longer struggling so much to read and comprehend in school. As well as they are no longer struggling so much in sports. They can be happier, as well as more social.

Parents may not realize how impactful ocular motor dysfunction can be on their child. And if they want to ensure that their child can learn unimpeded, play sports that they enjoy. And have a vibrant social life. They should get them checked out for ocular motor dysfunction right away.