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Lazy Eye Treatment | What is Ocular Motor Dysfunction

Lazy Eye Treatment | What is Ocular Motor Dysfunction

When ocular motor dysfunction that is quite common is lazy eye, and the lazy eye treatment many years ago used to be patching. But now, there are many different vision therapy programs that can help a wide variety of ocular motor dysfunctions.

Ocular motor dysfunction, also referred to as vision syndrome. Is extremely undiagnosed in children. Because often when children have a hard time in school. They may be asked to study hard, or work harder.

Not realizing that the reason why the child is struggling, is because they are having a hard time using their eyes. Which impacts their ability to read, and learn while they are in school.

Therefore, whether a child needs lazy eye treatment. Or they have another ocular motor dysfunction. The first step to getting the treatment that they need. Is getting the right diagnosis for their child.

Therefore, if parents notice that their child is struggling in school. Or that they are reluctant to do homework, or avoid reading. These could point to a wide variety of ocular motor dysfunctions.

When ocular motor dysfunction is saccades, or saccadic eye movement. And this impedes child’s ability to move from looking at one object, to another object.

And since reading is a series of moving from one word to the next in a repeated manner. When a child has a difficult time with their saccadic eye movement. The will struggle with reading.

If they are asked to read out loud. They will tend to jump around to several different words on the page. Instead of reading one word right after the other. Because they have a hard time using their eyes as a team.


Therefore, if parents ask their child to read a line of text. And they have a hard time doing that. They might want to consider getting their child’s eyes checked for ocular motor dysfunctions.

Another ocular motor dysfunction that parents should be aware of. Is called pursuit eye movement. And what this refers to, is the ability to stay focusing on a target that is moving.

And while people noticed this when a child is playing sports. That they have a hard time following the ball that is in play. Or understanding where the ball is going to go. It is because they have a hard time focusing on a moving object.

However, this can also impact the child’s ability to read. Because once they finish reading a line of text. They will need to move to the next line of text underneath it. And continue reading.

While they have a hard time with their pursuit eye movement. This is how it will appear when they are reading. Therefore, if parents ask their child to read a passage out loud from a book.

If they have a hard time figuring out where to start the next line. They might have this ocular motor dysfunction. Whether they need lazy eye treatment, a saccadic eye movement treatment for something else.

Parents should take their child to a vision therapist for diagnosis, and to discuss treatment options can help their child. The sooner they can get their child diagnosed, the sooner they can get help.

Lazy Eye Treatment | What is Ocular Motor Dysfunction

It is very important for parents to understand ocular motor dysfunction, so whether their child needs lazy eye treatment. Or treatment for other vision syndromes. They can get the help they need right away.

Typically, parents will notice that their child is struggling at school. Or say that they do not like school. And this is especially troubling, if the child head like school when they were younger.

However, it is very important to note that one in 4 Children in Canada have an undiagnosed vision syndrome. That requires treatment beyond corrective lenses.

And while some ocular motor dysfunction, such as lazy eye. Required a lazy eye treatment such as patching. The vision therapy that exists now, does not require any of that treatment.

In fact, the best place for parents who are concerned about their child to go. Is to vision by design. Because while they are a great optometrist, that has many fashionable frames.

Many people may not realize. That they also have a vision therapist on staff. That can test for, diagnose. As well as treat ocular motor dysfunction. All within their office, so parents do not have to travel.

In fact, because they want to ensure that every child has the tools they need to succeed. Whenever a child is booked in for a routine eye examination. They will test routinely, for several common ocular motor dysfunctions.

That way, if they believe that the child has any issues. They can ask the parent to bring the child back for more comprehensive ocular motor dysfunction tests.


These tests will look for things like I teaming ability, focusing ability, and an in-depth assessment of the child’s ocular motor skills. That will test how well they can focus, use their eyes as a team. And even track objects.

At the end of the examination, the visual therapist will have a good idea. About what the child’s diagnosis is. That is, what their ocular motor dysfunction is. Or if they have a vision syndrome and need something like a lazy eye treatment.

Once they know a diagnosis, they can put together a treatment plan. That they can discuss with the parents. That will use a customized program. To help train the child’s eyes.

Over time, the child will learn how to use their eyes effectively, and use them together. To control where their eyes are pointing. Whether it is on a stationary object, or a moving object.

And once they are finished with the vision therapy program. Parents will notice that their child is dramatically improving in their schoolwork. As well as their mood, as they will be able to accomplish tasks more easily.

They will read faster, comprehend what they read easier. And enjoy sports more than they did for. Because they will be more successful in playing them.

This will lead to a more confident and happy child. That does well in school, in sports. And has a thriving social life because of that.