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Lazy Eye Treatment | Learning About Ocular Motor Dysfunction

Lazy Eye Treatment | Learning About Ocular Motor Dysfunction

Often, when the child is been told that they need a lazy eye treatment. This is because they have an ocular motor dysfunction. That is affecting their ability to use their eyes as a team.

There are many different ocular motor dysfunctions, or vision syndromes. That children can suffer from. That impacts their ability to read, and learn in school.

As well as impacts their ability to place boards, or even play sports, or even play with friends on a playground. Parents should understand what ocular motor dysfunctions are.

And learn what they should watch for in their children. So that they can get their child the help they need. To be able to process visual information successfully. And succeed in school and sports.

The first thing that parents need to know. Is that ocular motor dysfunction. Our what visual therapists call. The skills children need to move their eyes.

A common ocular motor dysfunction is called saccades, or is referred to saccadic movement. Which simply refers to the ability to focus on one object, and then move to the next object to look at.

Parents often see their child has a problem with this. If they asked them to read a line of text out loud. Because the child will have a hard time moving from one word that they are reading, to the next word.

Therefore, they might end up reading a jumble of words. Because their eyes are jumping all over the page, looking at many different words. Instead of being able to look at one word, and then focus on the word beside it.


Often, teachers will discover this in their students. And recommend that parents might want to visit a visual therapist. Or that their child might need a lazy eye treatment. Because of their inability to read sequentially.

Another problem that parents should be aware of. Is called pursuit eye movement. When children need to move their eyes fluidly, either to follow a line, or a ball for example they are playing sports.

The way it impacts their ability to read. Is because they must move their eyes along a single line of text. And then, drop their focus down to the line of text below. And continue reading.

When children have a hard time with their pursuit eye movement. It often shows up as being unable to figure out the next line to start reading from. And they might read the same line over, read the line above it.

Or read any other line except the one that they are supposed to. Because they cannot get their eyes to focus on the line that they are supposed to. And many parents might think this means they need a lazy eye treatment.

however, getting them the right diagnosis. Will help them figure out what treatment is best. That they can utilize on a regular basis. To help the child strengthen their eyes. And overcome their visual challenges.

Lazy Eye Treatment | Learning About Ocular Motor Dysfunction

There are many things that parents should be concerned about if their child is struggling in school, including whether their child needs a lazy eye treatment. Or some other visual therapy.

In fact, 25% of children have an undiagnosed vision syndrome. That requires therapy beyond reading glasses or corrective lenses to fix.

And when parents bring their child into vision by design for a routine eye exam. They will always get tested for some common ocular motor dysfunctions.

Because if they are struggling with some of their eye movements. They may have a vision syndrome, or other ocular problem. That can get fixed with some visual therapy.

Therefore, a routine eye exam is important for parents to book their child in four. Not only to ensure that they do not need corrective lenses. But also, to help them get the right diagnosis for an ocular motor dysfunction.

What the visual therapists will do and to vision by design. Is test during their routine eye exam. And if the child shows signs of some ocular motor difficulties.

They will recommend the parent bring the child back for more comprehensive testing. Including a visual efficiency examination. This will help test for a wide variety of other issues.

They will test the child’s ocular motor skills. In order to see if they can focus on stationary objects, moving objects. And if they can focus on one object and then another back-and-forth.


At the conclusion of this test. The vision therapist is going to be able to come up with a diagnosis to tell the parents. As well as they will have a vision therapy plan for the child.

And will discuss a wide variety of treatment options. That can be carried out in their office directly. So that parents can come back to the same place for their vision therapy.

While a lazy eye treatment used to be patching. Vision therapists now use a comprehensive vision therapy program. That is designed to help train children how to use their eyes effectively.

This is using computer programs, and a variety of games that they will play using their eyes. To help train the child how to control both eyes. Control focusing, pointing their eyes and tracking objects.

The more the child will go through this therapy. They will progress, and parents should see a dramatic increase in their child, not just in their schooling but in their sports activities.

And especially in their confidence, and their happiness. As they are more able to navigate their visual world. And tackle problems successfully.

With helper and it is for people to be able to use their eyes successfully. In order to navigate the visual world around them. Finding out if a child is suffering from an ocular motor dysfunction.

Or a vision syndrome early on is very important. And when parents, and teachers know what to look for in their children. They can recommend getting an examination done. To help them get a diagnosis. And treatment such as lazy eye treatment that can help them.