Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Will You Benefit From Vision Therapy

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Will You Benefit From Vision Therapy

People who need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton have amblyopia. The medical name for lazy eye. However, it is a bit of a misnomer. Because people with this vision syndrome. Do not have lazy eyes at all.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

People with lazy eye, typically have an eye. That is not working. In conjunction with the other one. And typically, is not able to see very clearly at all. Was once theorized, that what caused lazy eye syndrome.

Was the fact that the eye simply needed to be strengthened. Therefore, they would strengthen it. By placing an eyepatch. On the patient’s strong eye. In order to get them to use the weaker eye. And strengthen it.

The problem with this, is there are many problems with this treatment. First of all, it was a treatment that most patients. Typically children absolutely hated. Because it cause them to effectively be blind.

During the entire time they were patched. Until they started to strengthening that weaker I. They would typically fight with their parents. And their parents would often abandon the treatment.

Because they were tired of fighting their child. Or seeing their child completely miserable. For those who actually went through with this type of lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Actually discovered that it was ineffective.

Because while it strengthened the weaker eye. When the patch was removed. The child was still not able. To see the visual world around them. With both eyes. And still lacked their visual skills.


Such as eye tracking, and depth perception. If they covered one eye. They could see clearly out of the other. No matter which I they actually end up covering.

The reason why this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton did not work. Is because the problem is with the eye to brain connection. And not necessarily, the eye itself. In order to understand why.

People need to understand how the eye to brain connection works. People use their eyes, to take in light from the objects they are viewing. It passes through the lens of their eyes. Which is the front.

And lands on the back of the eye, where the retina is. The retina is connected to the brain. And takes that visual information. To the brain stem for processing. It is the brain stems job.

To take that massive amount of visual information. It receives constantly. Any time a person has their eyes open. And send it to the different areas of the brain. That need to use it.

Not only is this a massive job. Because of how often they brain. Is receiving a vast amount of information. Because there are so many centres of the brain. It needs to send this information to.

Thirty-two centres of the brain, and three hundred connections. Need to receive this information instantly. People with amblyopia, the brain has a hard time. Processing this visual information.

And therefore, turn the information it receives. From one of the eyes off. In order to have an easier time processing it. Therefore, right treatment. Will help patients heal this part of their brain.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | You Will Benefit Going To Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is like physiotherapy for the eyes, and is beneficial for a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or treating a wide variety of other vision syndromes. While most people might assume. That vision syndromes are more common in children.

And while it is true, one in four children do have a vision syndrome. That needs the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Adults can develop vision syndromes as well.

Particularly, if they have been injured from a concussion. Is very common. For people to develop vision syndromes. Following a brain injury. Simply because of how extensive the vision system is.

There are thirty-two centres of the brain. That specifically deal with vision. Three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision. Therefore, the visual system is located all throughout the brain.

And no matter where the brain injury occurred. Chances are extremely good. That some of the vision system was in that location. And was damaged. That is why, patients who have had a concussion.

Should also get a consultation. With the vision therapist. And even get a vision exam. Which is much more comprehensive. Then a routine eye exam. And will take about an hour and a half.

During this extremely in-depth examination. The vision therapist will be able to take many measurements. And perform many tests. To help them find out. If the patient does have a vision syndrome.


Such as amblyopia, and what kind of lazy eye treatment in Edmonton will help them. Typically, for amblyopia. The treatment is going to consist of some corrective lenses. That will allow the patient.

To see the world clearly. Through both of their eyes. And then, special exercises. That will help them use their eyes together. And eventually, exercises that will be designed. To help them train their brain.

In order to heal their brain from amblyopia. When people are coming in for this particular lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They can expect approximately half-hour session.

Once a week, in the visual therapists office. Most patients, depending on the level of severity of their vision syndrome. Will need to come in for treatment, for just under a year. However some patients require less treatments.

And some patients need more. The vision therapist is also likely. To going to have the patient to do additional exercises. In the comfort of their own home. Approximately fifteen minutes a day, five days a week.

They will be able to heal the eye to brain connection. And eliminate symptoms. If people are diligent enough. In performing their exercises. Come in to every appointment. And to get their treatment quickly enough.

If people would like more information on vision therapy. Or vision syndromes. They can contact the experts at vision by design in Edmonton. And arrange a complementary consultation. Or a vision exam as well.